Big Spider!

You know when someone’s been reading too much sometimes..

<donncha> damn, fsck... left my camera usb cable at home.. got some great photos of a spider earlier.. must blog tonight :)
<Nargler> saw the big spider I've ever seen in my bath last weekend
<diamond> Nargler: bit you in the english did he?
<Nargler> was <---------------------> leg tip to leg tip and that's to scale!
<diamond> Nargler: on what res screen with what size font? -)
<Nargler> diamond: uhh average :]
<diamond> lol
<Nargler> can't you see what my font size is? ;)
<slaine> Some fonts are bigger than others :)
<diamond> Nargler: whatever size it is, it somehow ate 'gest' from your first remark. -)

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