the Bosco File

Thank God I’m not the only one keeping tabs on Bosco! Looks like the Bosco File is a pretty able guardian protecting the world from evil!
Even old friends are having doubts about his sanity..

Fortycoats said the “youngfeller is definitely not all there. I know he’s been drinking heavily lately, and there’s talk of drug abuse.”

2 thoughts on “the Bosco File

  1. Warning bosco will be in Achill on the weekend of halloween. has been flown via Shannon with the US troops and is planning something special. Look out Pat….

  2. Help!!! When i was a kid living in Ballyfermot, i was obsessed with Bosco! Can you give me an address where i can download an episode or two to show my brats what its all about. I know theres a dvd in HMV Ireland ot the mo but im skint and struggling to get hold of a copy. This programe has many many happy memories for me growing up so please help if you can. cheers dude.
    Amy xx

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