So much to do, so much to read, consume, take in, absorb

I’m hopeless, I’m utterly behind in my reading. There’s a copy of the Sunday Times at home that’s hardly touched, I bought the National Geographic 2 weeks ago and it lies unread in a paper bag, books take longer to read now it seems. So much to do. I mentioned last month that The Digital Journalist would have a tribute to Ronald Reagan in their next issue. It’s out now, go read! I’ll eventually get around to reading it, sometime.
I won’t be reading it tonight however, Jacinta got 2 tickets to go see Julian Marley & The Uprising in the Cork Opera House. Looks like a good gig!

One thought on “So much to do, so much to read, consume, take in, absorb

  1. Woo, free house to ride young ones in. All I gotta do now is find some young ones 🙂

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