8 thoughts on “How to hypnotise a man

  1. The one question always asked when it comes to man hypnotism (when i say man i talk about the human race in general) is “Can anyone hypnotise, or is it a gift for some people”.
    Well, infact, if you believe that you have to have a special gift, then think again. All your required to have is a lot of expirience, get hypnotised your self (for expirience, this isnt actually required but it helps)and you need a imagination to hypnotise. Try it out:

  2. I would just like to say, hypnotism is a dangerous and risky thing. You need someone expirienced around you to help, or keep an eye on you whilst you are hypnotised. You can do something stupid, without realising it, and you wont be able to control your self or even remember it after your hypnotism has worn off. Thanks

  3. There is nothing wrong with this website, but the content seems a bit superficial, if you claim to have information on a particular subject then it should be there, not merely jokes alluding to the subject. The site content is a bit shallow,but thanks for your time anyway. Regards Lyn

  4. I should have known the cheap nature of this link but still I clicked on it. Its not funny really. Just download some porn if your that pathetic.

    Lonely little man.

    By the way im 16 and still more mature.

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