Testimonies: Why I Left Islam

I can’t comment on the validity of most of the arguments used here but what’s there is disturbing – on both sides. Here’s a counter arguement against the most shocking fact i read there. In the interests of fairness I might as well link to a pro Islam site too..
“It’s on the Internet – it must be true!”

One thought on “Testimonies: Why I Left Islam

  1. Though faith is a personal thing, and should always be kept that way, I’ve always thought that the acts and constructs of religion are nothing more then brain washing mumbo-jumbo used to exercise control over large crowds of people. Look at Moses, decades wandering in the desert and he still managed to keep almost everyone together.

    Some feat when you consider how whiny people are in general. He managed to keep everyone moving and kept control by ritualising people’s days. Instead of giving people enough free time to ponder their situation they all had set tasks, backed up by religion the idea of a watchful god, and the illusion of a Pharaoh hot on their heels to keep them busy and their minds focused. Without it they would have splintered as a group and probably died.

    While religion has its uses, over the centuries its become decadent and has been corrupted by those who are willing to use its cultist following to further their own selfish agendas.

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