Chicago Pictures

I went for a walk earlier today and promptly got lost as I tried to return to work. I walked down Wells St. to Congress, instead of walking one block the other direction to Washington.. *doh* On the way I took a few photos..

This is the Chicago Board of Trade and a very famous landmark in downtown Chicago. There’s a similar (but much better) night time view of this building hanging in the corridor at work in Cork. I’ll have to get a tripod and try and replicate the night image.

This is where I work, right at the top of the building, floor 38! How high is the County Hall at home?

Chicago people have been very helpful any time I needed help finding directions. Some go out of their way walking with you and explaining the names of the surrounding streets. I spotted this woman as she was talking to this tram driver and obviously lost as she was carrying balloons in the financial district.. 🙂

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