Vodafone pricing revealed

Vodafone GPRS pricing is expensive. It might be and probably is cheaper to go online via the more common high-speed charge-per-second Internet access.
It’s untrue that GPRS access is completely free. It may be free to access Vodafone services, but once you get beyond that to Google, or elsewhere, the charges mount up. It’s unfortunate, and very misleading IMO.
What can you do? Well, if access to vodafone live is free it might be possible to access email services for free. Certainly you can send emails for free until May 1st, so receiving mail from the vodafone mail server might be free too. This can’t be true if you’ve setup an external pop3 server though.
When you want to download a .sis program, or a .jar file simply mail it to yourself. It won’t always work but AFAIR I’ve installed both via email messages. You should be aware too that sending files by email increases their size by about a third.
I’ll have to setup my online billing to keep track of all these permutations to keep ahead of Vodafone methinks.

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