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  1. I use the Mach 3 razor and was sick and tired of buying expensive blades. Yes, its a great shave but at what cost? My friend recently bought edgesaver to increase the life of the razor and claims it works well. Do any of you have experience or know of anyone that has used edgesaver for extending blade life? Please reply…

  2. I have been using edgesaver for about a year now and have no regrets of the purchase. Works well for me. I recently bought the RazorMax Special Forces and am impressed.

  3. Funny how mjohnson’s and Ted’s IP addresses are similar, perhaps they use the same ISP? ‘Course, Ted, you could be the friend alluded to in the first comment but it does seem highly suspect!
    See this post about this spamming attempt. One good thing is that anyone who searches for “edge saver” will now see my blog entry on the first page saying, “don’t waste your money!” 🙂

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