Blood Brothers, Cork Opera Hou …

Blood Brothers, Cork Opera House. A mini review.
Opera House Stage Myself and Martina went to Blood Brothers last night in the Opera House, Cork. It was an excellent show, and the theatre was packed. I didn’t see one free seat anywhere. In fact I saw several people standing, but I presume they had seats too.
I already saw Blood Brothers in London last year with Martina. We were lucky to get very good seats at that time (seats at the front of the upper section), and we had good seats yesterday too.
People clapping at the end of the show How does this show compare to the original in London? The show we saw in London was amazing. We raved about it for weeks afterwards, and Martina said it was better than Les Miserables in New York! The show we saw last night is only almost as good as the original. Don’t get me wrong though, the audience rose up and gave the performers a standing ovation clapping and cheering at the end of the show! Sound effects and lighting were much better than in London and there were a few extra bits I don’t remember from the original play. Many of the original actors were present, although the lead role of Mrs Johnston was played by Rebecca Storm who wasn’t as strong as the actress we saw in London. Her singing is second to none, as is the rest of the cast, but part of the humanity of the character was lost I felt. Maybe it’s because I saw the play already. I don’t know.
Final Word? Go see it. It’s a brilliant play and you certainly won’t regret it!

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  • Pictures were taken with my Nokia 7650 so please forgive the poor quality!

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