Pat Kenny my friends, is a use …

Pat Kenny my friends, is a useless bastard. I have to admit the Late Late Show hasn’t interested me in a long time, and.. hmm, I was going to defend Pat by mentioning the excellent interview with some open source hacker guy last week but then I remembered all the simple technical blunders Pat made.. hehe

3 thoughts on “Pat Kenny my friends, is a use …

  1. Ref Pat Fincuane
    RUC Special Branch had a longstanding grudge against Pat Finucane because he almost single handedly destroyed their Shoot To Kill policy this should have been mentioned in your programme today.

  2. I think that Pat Kenny is the most useless, inept piece of shit I have ever had the misfortune to encounter in the world of entertainment. He’s weekly fuck-ups-come-interviews know no bounds of mis-management and shear lack of anything which comes close to charisma or even basic interview skills. I wish the cunts at RTE had the balls to tell the fucker where to go. They groomed the bastard for years to take over from Gaybo, but if I had my way, he’d be on the streets, let alone the dole.

  3. tell pat kenny he has just spoiled my viewing of the australian open, by telling the result of the nadal match, i recorded it last nite and was looking forward to watching it.,

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