Patents come to computer gaming

Justin points out that patents are invading the gaming arena. Well, they probably have been for many years but the ones listed are ridiculous!
“Minigames during a loading screen”? Oh, FFS! Justin’s right, I can remember playing games with these features back in the days of the C64 too!

She said yes!

I asked her to marry me, she said yes! Thanks Jacinta, you made me the happiest man in the world! 🙂

Free, Fly free!

On Tuesday next, I finish work at TradeSignals and move on elsewhere.
It’s been fun, it’s been tough, it’s been a long time.
While still at college I rushed late into a talk being given by local business men. Me – unshaven, weaing jeans and old tshirt, got the business card of my old boss after talking to him about my Perl college project. I never heard what the talk was about, probably the usual guff about students being great and all that sort of stuff!
7 years later here I am, older and a little bit wiser and about to start another episode in the life of me!
Announcement to come in the next 2 weeks! Thanks for reading.