Called into the bank this afte …

Called into the bank this afternoon to pay off the Visa. Problem was, I had a Sterling cheque to deposit too, so which queue do I go into. Foreign Exchange/Cash or Non-cash transactions. I went for the latter in the end, mainly because there was only 3 people there and 7 before me in the other queue. Still took ages to get to the counter. Euro dealings are taking longer methinks. I had lots of Euro bills with me, does anyone else think it’s like Monopoly money? And don’t get me started on the tiny coins!

That caching module died a hor …

That caching module died a horrible death – couldn’t get it to read data from the cache fast enough.

Lots happening now: The Euro is with us, got my first Euro coins and notes in a small shop on Shandon Street when I bought Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and milk for breakfast. Head was only a small bit sore from the previous evening.. In our quest for Euros (I don’t care, English speaking people put an “s” at the end of words for plurals! They dispensed with the “s” because non-English speaking people might, rightly, get confused, or even feel threatened by it), anyway, myself and Martina made our way to the Grand Parade Hotel for coffee. Jeez… what a place, first they had no coffee, and then the bar wasn’t dealing in Euros. *sigh*
We went across the road to Centra and bought some sweeties 🙂

Not even sure if I want to make reference to this, oh well, other things have happened since that are just too shocking and awful to contemplate. Many people are sad, angry, lonely and shocked now as a result.. it’s a truly awful world out there sometimes. Hi to the Holy Schmoly ppl..

Did a bit of work on a caching …

Did a bit of work on a caching module for the MySQL interface of phplib. In tests, reading 5000 records from a db took between 6 and 7 seconds. With the work I’ve done, reading from the cache takes only a second or so. Will post more later..

"Right now you could be outsid …

“Right now you could be outside.”

Where did I hear or read that quote first?

I think it may have a C64 demo. It’s strange how things age so quickly. Young people, hardly out of their teens lament the good old days of DOS. Slightly older people lament the passing of the Amiga, and yet another group laments the passing of the C64 and other 8 bit computers.

Them was good days but these days aren’t so bad!