In a recent interview with Lin …

In a recent interview with Linus Torvalds he was asked “Does Linux support multimedia better than Windows 95?”. He was pretty upbeat in his answer, saying, “There are actually game developers who prefer working on Linux and developing all their software on it. When the game is ready, they port it to Windows because that’s obviously the larger market.”
, but also practical where he stated, “There are multimedia environments for Linux too, but you don’t have the same choices you have with Windows.”
Hopefully that will change.
Very good interview.

Last weekend 3 boys lost their …

Last weekend 3 boys lost their lives when their house was firebombed at 4:30am on Sunday morning. The 3 were asleep in their home in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, in Northern Ireland when petrol bombs were thrown into their house.
Why do I write about this on Tuesday? I just saw the funeral on the news and I’m sickened by what people do to each other.
A radio broadcaster interviewed nationalists and unionists last night in Drumcree and neither side will budge. Both sides are living in the past bringing up old grievences and perpetuating the hate.

Typical. I download some plugi …

Typical. I download some plugins for Photoshop and I can’t get them to work, but they install into GIMP “user filter” without a problem! Take a look at this plugin at the GIMP registry, it’s quite useful.
After 2 weeks of using Photoshop to create simple logos and doing a bit of artwork I still prefer the GIMP. If the GIMP had a decent font selector and perhaps file selectors had beem added to plugins to choose textures and background images it would easily beat Photoshop for ease of use. The most annoying thing about Photoshop is the lack of multiple undo. There’s only one level of undo! That’s very frustrating!
Q. How many levels of undo does GIMP have?
A. How many do you want?.. *grrr*

I upgraded my machine recently to a P200MMX and added another 16 megs of RAM (48 megs now.) and the improvement is great! UAE, the Amiga emulator runs games better than ever (Xenon2 has such a cool sound track doesn’t it?). I watched an old Ozone demo, Awareness of Reality, in Vice, the C64 emulator and I grew all nostalgic reading the scrollies I wrote 4 years ago. AOR was written in assembly back then, but now I might try my hand at writing a small Java applet that can be viewed in a browser. What I would like to do is have some classical demo effects, along with some low colour bitmaps (The C64 had quite a cool palette you know?) and a few scrollies around the place. Hmm.. has anyone done DYCPs in Java? I never got around to coding one of those.. Hey Maduplec! Give me a hand? 🙂
Whenever I get that released, it will of course come with source code, just like on the C64. (well, anyone could look at a demo in the language it was coded in on the C64… ASM! 🙂
Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been very busy, but it’s great! I’m even writing Perl stuff in Win95!
Have a look at the results of the quizlet on the right. For about 2 weeks the results of the poll were headed towards X but then GGI took a leap forward! Perhaps lots of sceners stumbled across the page?
BTW – the best text editor I’ve come across for Win95 is EmEditor. Take a look for it on It’s fast to load, simple looking but has multiple undo and search & replace. Just copy over notepad.exe 😉
So, was I the only one who didn’t watch the world cup final? 😉
Did you enjoy the Tour de France as it passed through Ireland? Lots of businesses closed down for the day, and besides, the traffic restrictions would have made it impossible for many to goto work!

"The demoscene will die." If …

“The demoscene will die.”
If I had a penny for everytime I’ve heard that said.. The demoscene on the C64 is still going strong, 18 or so years after the machine was introduced! Yet people say it’s dead.. The Amiga scene is of course still alive, and the new Amiga offerings due next year are going to be sooo cool!
But the PC demo scene is dying is it?
This rant has been prompted by a letter posted to The PC Demo FanClub. I only read the start of it, but that’s all I needed to read to grow sick of it. People don’t like change and even young people don’t like change, never mind older people who usually complain about it. The changing face of home-computing brings about changes that computer fanatics have to face up to and live with. This usually affects younger people. People in their teens or twenties see their favourite computer system shot down by critics and marketing people who don’t realise the way-of-life the computer was for many.
I didn’t like it when people said the C64 was dying. Every month it seemed that “the last demo” from group X or from scene-coder Y arrived in my mail from my friends in Europe (Hi Martin, Dan and others if you’re reading!!). Even long time C64 fans turned traitor and proclaimed, “the C64 was rubbish!”
And now, in 1998, there are still demos being made. I haven’t seen many C64 demos for a few years now, but those I have seen have 2 things in common which I detest.
Intros and demos now call each part a “page” as if they were part of a web site or something. Why was “This part was coded by… blah blah” replaced by “This page was coded by… blah blah”?
Then of course are those demos which tried to emulate things done on the PC or Amiga at higher resolution. The effects were copied and I have to admire the C64 coders who made a 1Mhz machine do what a 8Mhz (Amiga) or 33Mhz (386/486) did, but it looked ugly a lot of the time!
To my original point, the PC demo-scene will never die. Intel and co. are going to keep the PC going for a long time, whatever kind of chip will be running in it. Even if the PC did falter (I hope it does, I want a better architecture!), there will always be _a_ demoscene.
One thing though. I can guarantee you wouldn’t recognise the demo-scene in 4 years if you left it today.
*Sigh* I’m growing old. I don’t like change as much as the next person.

Anyone read the article on Slashdot about Linux as a GameOS? The idea was that Linux could be booted off a CD or maybe booted from DOS/Windows to run a specific game. The idea is nice but impratical in reality. One thing I did like was preparing a Linux boot disk with Quake or Quake2 on it and running it on a friends’ machine. With Mesa and svgalib installed on a second boot disk it would run nicely on a 3DFX. The one idea that I think could really succeed is the arcade machine OS market. The hardware is standard. The OS is capable and robust and can be burned onto ROM and arcade vendors wouldn’t have to plaster a Windows logo onto either their cabinets or screens 😉

As for the lack of games available for Linux. Check out all the emulators available. Only last night I had a mad game of Amiga Speedball 2 on my P133. Cool.

Any comments to the usual address at the bottom of the page.

It's been a while since I upd …

It’s been a while since I updated here. Since my last update my expectations of Linux as a demo platform have gone up and up. First of all, I rediscovered Quake2 on Linux. It does run better in Linux than in Win95, just so long as you have no services running in the background. 🙂
Running Megademo IV in X and even running a few small intros in dosemu windows just goes to show that X can handle all the traffic, even on my old S3 Trio64 video card.
The new release of Cross-elf gets me wondering again about producing cross-platform demos in Linux. As does the port of PTC , although that does require a recompile for other platforms.
I think lots of demo-sceners probably voted in my quizlet for GGI. For a long while X was leading by about 15%, but then GGI took the lead by that margin! GGI will be good, but not now. Now we have X, and that’s “good enough” IMO for todays’ coding. Besides, having to patch your kernel to run a demo is a bit too much, and the yellow cursor just drives me mad!

Interesting day today.. Check …

Interesting day today.. Check out next years’ prospectus for my college and look at some of the pictures to find out 😉
There’s special news of an Irish Linux site coming, but it’s not quite ready IMO to be announced, *probably*. Check here again soon!

The GIMP is a great program is …

The GIMP is a great program isn’t it? Even a person of relatively little artistic skill such as myself can create fairly cool and creative logos with it! The above logo and button below were done tonight in a fit of inspiration!
BTW – news of BeOS stuff in the future. Mail me if you know anything about this OS. I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t mount my DOS partitions in it.. (probably something dead easy to fix which I overlooked!)
That reminds me, I’ll have to try and compile MegaDemo IV for BeOS soon.. 🙂

Question for you all.. I moved …

Question for you all.. I moved my desktop machine to a position lying on its side. Is there any danger of the hard drives in it going bust because they’re lying on their side? One is a Quantum Fireball, the other a Bigfoot. Sorry.. completely off-topic 🙂
I have to go study for my graphics exam again.. Still, it is graphics. Might as well tell me to study demo coding techniques!
Get and install a copy of xfstt from Freshmeat now! My page and most pages on the Internet will look much nicer with it. The DemoNix logo looks completely different!
Cross-ELF, a package to use the same ELF 32 bit 386 object files on a variety of operating systems (Linux, Dos and Win32) has been updated to version 0.19. Most of the examples work fine except for the GL example which had problems (change GL to MesaGL and then problems linking to the MesaGL library). I urge all demo coders to try this. It does work and it’s cool to compile a demo once on Linux and see it run again in Dos and Win32 without recompile! A second computer to run Dos/Win95 is now looking more enticing. Develop in Linux and export the directory with Samba.. cool!
See those buttons at the side of the page? I’m going to code a little random generator that’ll change the buttons around from a list, so if you want your site featured email me the button (must be 88×31 in gif or jpg format and not more than 5k in size). They’ll stay up there between updates, anywhere between a few hours and days on end! Mail me at