While browsing the internet with Firefox on a computer running on Linux (Fedora Core 2/KDE), I happened to click on the download link at the Picasa website. The prompt asked if I wanted to save the setup file to disk or, more interestingly, open it with wine. Curious, I selected the ‘open with wine’ option. Having not had many pleasant experiences with wine, I was surprised when the install program ran without a hitch. I was even more surprised, after locating the executable file, that Picasa actually ran. I couldn’t read some of the text in the tree it created, because of a bad font selection, I think. The mouse didn’t always work the way it was supposed to, but it did successfully find, organize and edit my graphic files. One problem I had creating a ‘collage’ turned out to be a permissions issue.

If you’ve got wine on your machine, I’d recommend giving Picasa2 a try. Now I’m off to try ‘f-spot’.