How do you describe the sound of a dog barking? Woof or wuf? What about in other languages?
This beautiful dog follwed me around the beach, and with the least encouragement went mad jumping up and getting excited! When I picked up a stone for him to fetch he went berzerk, hopping up and twisting in a circle in mid-air in his excitement!

5 thoughts on “Woof!

  1. In Belgium and the Netherlands it’s “waf” en “woef” (where “woef” is pronounced as the English “woof”).

  2. In French, depending where you live, it can be ‘wouf!’ (woof) (Switzerland, where we’re influenced by our german-speaking compatriots) or ‘arf!’ (France). In Italian, dogs go bau! (baoo).
    But the important thing is, that they understand each other no matter what!

    Splendid dog (and picture!), btw! Ask him next time if he has any brother looking for good masters in Europe… With the primer on dog-talk you started here, communication shouldn’t be a problem! ;o)

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