Digital Camera Myths

Megapixel Myths is an introduction of digital cameras, probably useful for someone new to the genre and looking for a new camera.
This Megapixel Myths site is a lot more involved – the author goes over many aspects of digital vs film photography, including the costs of each..

Let’s look at two scenarios to see how the cost of digital and traditional photography balance out over the first year. Notice that I said cost, not value. Cost is the total amount of money you spend. Value is what you receive in return. Cost is empirical; value is subjective.

My camera has probably halved in value in the year that I’ve owned it, but if I had a nice 35mm film camera it may not have gone down in value so much! (That said, film cameras are getting cheaper as digital becomes more popular!)

7 thoughts on “Digital Camera Myths

  1. The value of my Nikon F4s on eBay seems to have dropped from around $700-800 to $400-500 in the last nine months. On average, that is, last time I looked.

    I see F5’s for $900-1000 all the time now. Hell of a deal, if you ask me. But then, you have to figure in the cost of a good scanner, the increase in workflow time for scanning in your shots, the increased film and processing costs to mimic the digital style of photography … the cost of Noise Ninja to reduce the grain to echo digital quality … on and on.

  2. You just reminded me that I need to check if Neatimage or Noise Ninja works in Linux. A simple apt-get install wine got that going, I’ll try the install later and post results here!

  3. Hi,I am 40 in march,and the wife wants to buy me a new pro digital camera I was thinking of the cannon D50.Were do I buy in Dublin,or would it be cheeper,buying up north or UK.

  4. I am upgrading to a Digital SLR and have heard good things about the Pentax K100D. What digital SLR’s would be good to upgrade to?….my maximum budget is £700

  5. read computer active issue 252 for an excellent review of the Pentax K100D – a buy it recommendation 5 star rating i am considering purchasing on amazon £330 + postage and i would need an SD card also

    also i am considering the Canon 400D

  6. Isn’t anybody going to consider Nikon at all? 😀

    Anyways, I agree with what you said that “Cost is empirical; value is subjective.” Value really IS subjective, since it would all depend on the view of the owner.

    I also do know that there are establishments now that offer film cameras as freebies whenever one buys a digital camera. Does that mean that film cameras will soon be things of the past?


  7. After seeing how Kodak is officially ending production of it’s old Kodachrome film, I now know absolutely for certain that I’ll be relying fully on digital technology. And of course, I would seek out cameras specifically in Dublin since you could probably get them at a better sterling rate off Ebay. Don’t forget, those camera shoppes along the River Liffey want to take advantage of the tourist crowd. Ha!

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