From the Sunday Times

I’m a big fan of the Sunday Times – there’s just so much in there! Here’s a few snippets that’ll probably only be available for the next few days..

And lots, lots more to read..

2 thoughts on “From the Sunday Times

  1. augh!

    kerry’s doing fine. due to us campaign finance laws coupled with the date of the rnc, kerry only spent $10 million in august – bush spent several times that. to make a comparison, each candidate in the irish elections will spend around $250k or more in the month of the election. ireland is around 100 times smaller than ireland population-wise and at least that geographically – so that $250k in ireland is at least $25 million.

    so couple bush’s bounce from the convention with the lopsided spending, kerry is doing fine. they’re trading leads in the electoral college.

    as for the ssia – do both! they meet two different needs. one does long-term, one does short/medium-term.

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