Theoretical Limits to Data Enjoyment

Tom has a great article here. How much can we produce and consume effectively? Our computers and infrastructure are getting to a stage where it’s possible to collect or produce or hoard more personal data and media than we can consume easily!
He took 10,000 photos over the last three and a half years. I take that many photos in 6 months! How can I possibly look over those photos? It’s impossible isn’t it?
I’ve already reached the saturation point with traditional media – buy the Sunday Times on Sunday and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have it read by the following Sunday. I bought €25 worth of books last weekend. This adds to the pile of dead-trees I have yet to read. It’s stressful knowing there’s so much stuff to consume!
I don’t have the same problem with music – fire up xmms, load a playlist and there you go. I can listen to it while I work. It’s when the consumption of my personal data requires my primary attention that I get into trouble!
Maybe I should take that longed for holiday soon just to catch up on my reading?

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