The knot conspiracy – Wedding Photos From Both Sides

Oooh, this thread on dpreview caused a bit of a stir! Someone linked to this thread on about copying the photos taken by professional wedding photographers. For some reason the original message is gone but the replies remain.
In this digital world it’s getting harder and harder to prevent copyright theft, and even though the bride and groom paid for the photos, the copyright for those photos remains with the photographer.
Woofy had a good idea – offer images on CD, perhaps only low-res ones with prints later. Darrell refined the idea by suggesting he provide one or two high quality prints as well.
At the end of thread several photographers joined in, no doubt from dpreview, their comments are worth reading, if only to remind oneself that for these people, photography is a business.
These linked generated a great conversation on , which did *not* descend into puns or jokes, although that could be because Kevin wasn’t around..

3 thoughts on “The knot conspiracy – Wedding Photos From Both Sides

  1. hey im from sneem, love the photo taken at sunset from the bridge, any chance of getting a copy? and if so ce mhead?

  2. Just stumbled by here while browsing a few blogs, reminded me of my wedding and the problems with the photographer. It’s a few years ago so the hurt is wearing off 🙂

  3. When it comes to wedding photography, I think that copyright issues are often overlooked. Very interesting.

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