8 thoughts on “Islamic terrorism has been stopped once before in US history

  1. uh. that’s not a sane link. snopes doesn’t view it favourably. i just posted it to irc as a little view into one portion of the american mind. for which i say, “i’m sorry.” again.

  2. Well, to say that’s a view into the American mind is a little ignorant don’t you think? There are people all over the world who would advocate doing something similiar to a certain group, not just in the U.S.

    Israel is fighting an ongoing battle up close and personal in their own country. You say they would advocate something like that and no doubt they would, then a palestinian kills 30 schoolchildren with a suicide bomb and it’s ok. No, I don’t think so.

  3. I don’t think they care about outraging people and human rights: see Gantanamo amongst others. But I don’t see why it would change anything: has the US army decided to stop bombing Irak since Americans were beheaded?
    Barbary only calls for more barbary.

    Furthermore why would the administration in charge want to stop terrorism? They would have to find another way to scare people.

  4. Sorry, but I’ve just had it up to here with this type of anti-American propaganda. I’m extremely anti-Bush, but that doesn’t mean I hate my country.

    I just would like to ask Europeans when they are going to start taking their own moral inventory, because they have little to be proud of when it comes down to it.

    Slavery wasn’t birthed in America, neither was fascism or the nazi party, the Vichy government wasn’t American. The US isn’t perfect, but at least we take on our imperfections and deal with them, Europe tends to sweep theirs under the carpet. When will Europe decide to make compensation for it’s days of empire? Will Spain pay back the now billions worth of treasure it stole from the new world? Perhaps it should repatriate the descendents of it’s Conquistadore past, to help provide them employment?

    Marxism, another insanity birthed in Europe, was an ideology constructed enslave and exploit the majority of people to profit a parasytic elite. Yet Europeans still keep thinking they can get it right. They talk about human rights, but could care less about the genocide in Darfur, and they don’t mind turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by their trading partners. After all, in Europe, they feel that a caste system is acceptable.

    Donncha is Irish, perhaps she should spend some time writing about Irish minister Bertie Ahern, who likes to rationalize what is in actuality legalized slavery. I read his comments, where he laughingly talked about trading unskilled Irish workers for US tech workers.. as someone whose grandparents emigrated from what was then an impoverished Ireland, it is no laughing matter to hear a politician from one of the now most affluent European countries to treat the subject so mockingly. Why doesn’t wealthy Ireland actually spend some of it’s resources to train it’s own people?

    BTW, I wouldn’t mind reading an expose on how Bono might ask Ireland’s people to pay more taxes, but doesn’t actually want to pay more himself.. and has hidden his enormous wealth in the Netherlads. Also, where has the money collected from Live8 gone to.. it hasn’t shown up in it’s entirity in Africa.

    Again, we aren’t perfect, and unfortunately George Bush was able to gain elective office.. but then again, it was the British PM, Tony Blair, and members of the Italian government who helped him fake the precept that we needed to invade Iraq. If Europe wants to actually take on human rights, it needs to start walking the walk.

  5. Jenn – First of all I’m a guy! Wrong gender.
    This post was made way back in 2004 and the Snopes article linked above casts a lot of doubt on the article.
    Anyway, every nation has done stuff in their past that they haven’t been proud of. It’s a fact of life.

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