Moved To Debian Testing

After a few small glitches and problems I have Debian Testing running on my desktop machine at home.
The install process is a lot easier than before and really, I have/had only 2 problems. One was with setting up X – The “generic mouse” entry which pointed at /dev/input/mouse/mice or something didn’t work so I commented that out. The detection of my monitor worked, but it generated mode lines which were a little conservative. I couldn’t get more than 1024×768 on a 19″ monitor! That was easily solved by copying the values from my FC2 install.
The locale setting is a bit screwy too. I tried to get it to understand the Euro symbol by choosing ie_IE@euro (or similar) but now ‘”‘ becomes “#” and “|” becomes “>”! I’m sure there’s an easy fix, and changing the locale settings seem to fix bash/screen sessions but not X. More work to do there!
Anyway, xmms with mp3 support was installed by default, but I noticed mplayer wasn’t there. You can download mplayer packages for Debian here, makes things simple to install!

2 thoughts on “Moved To Debian Testing

  1. X settings are controlled by xkbmap. use ‘setxkbmap gb’. Change the line in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to this as well to make it permanent. hth.

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