UTV – Cheap Call Challenger

UTV very recently started an ad campaign to publicize their unbeatable local and national call tariffsFREE!
Unfortunately, their mobile tariffs don’t compare well to Tele2 or Vartec who I looked at earlier. The same goes for international calls (outside of the UK which is free evenings and weekends too) which are only 10% less than Eircom’s.
So, who provides the cheapest calls in Ireland? It depends. A mixture of providers will benefit users if that’s possible.

4 thoughts on “UTV – Cheap Call Challenger

  1. What is the cheapest way to phone from Eire to Netherlands?? Any info gratefully apreciatted!!

  2. Cheapest international calls berny, are by using Cheapchats access numbers, simply look up the right access number for your destination on http://www.cheapchat.ie then dial them before you dial out! Netherlands is only 1c! Saves me a fortune.

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