Cork, All Dug Up!

It’ll be worth it in the end, but Cork City is a city under construction right now. The drainage works came first, then a re-design of the City Centre streets. Oliver Plunkett St. (where this photo was taken) is showing promise already, as long as they don’t tarmac over the nice brickwork laid into the street surface. That’s almost bound to happen like it did in Paul St.

One thought on “Cork, All Dug Up!

  1. Of course they will! It is some sort of hard-wired response in Cork Council roads maintenance/eircom/esat/&c. “Oh look at all those bricks between us and our pipe! Well, just hack ’em up and fill the hole with tar.”

    Just look at the few repairs which have been done on Patrick Street already – tarred in, sloppily or – even worse – bricks replaced with no mortar, loose and tripping. Wonderful!

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