Any Shed Will Do!

John posted this email
to earlier today. It’s a great read and an eye opener if you’re on any email mailing list! If only people would consider some of the points made here we’d have a better experience in email communities! Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean that you should post it.
Chances are, someone else has already expressed the same opinion! Especially if it’s not a complicated matter. Never mind emotive subjects, they’re just asking for trouble!

| Your email is about to be sent to several hundred thousand |
| people, who will have to spend at least 10 seconds reading |
| it before they can decide if it is interesting.  At least  |
| two man-weeks will be spent reading your email.  Many of   |
| the recipients will have to pay to download your email.    |
|                                                            |
| Are you absolutely sure that your email is of sufficient   | | importance to bother all these people ?                    |
|                                                            |
|                  [YES]  [REVISE]  [CANCEL]                 |

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