Smile Please! Don't drool over all those cameras!

Is a photo a real record of what happened if the subject is payed or manipulated? Does it really matter? By the act of being “there”, a photographer has changed the outcome of a situation anyway. Mike Johnston looks at this and covers it in more detail. Read the article if you’re tempted to comment here. It’ll make you think!
And then of course, this report from the PMA this year will make you drool over all the new cameras available! (Plenty more on Digital Journalist!)

Digital Photography is no longer special. It now is photography.

(via Photography Blog)

One thought on “Smile Please! Don't drool over all those cameras!

  1. “In 2003, digital crossed over the declining market share of traditional cameras and then kept climbing. By the end of the year, 31% of U.S. households owned digital cameras. Digital cameras outsold film cameras at the rate of 12.5 million digital units versus 12.1 million film cameras. This gap is expected to widen in 2004 with 15.7 million digital cameras expected to be sold, compared to 10.5 million film cameras (source PMA) ”

    Now it is mobile devices that are eating into digital camera sales. There’s still a niche of analogue film cameras.

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