Stop! Stop! Stoppie!

Yer man on the motor bike is back and this time I had the camera ready!

He went up and down outside the office for about 10 minutes doing stoppies, trying to do burnouts (and failing miserably!), and very weak attempts at wheelies.

Let’s have some bets on when he’s going to have a blow out on that back wheel shall we?

4 thoughts on “Stop! Stop! Stoppie!

  1. Big respect to the kid on the *80* cc bike doing this. It’s tough enough to get a decent balance point between calipers, throttle and weight on a big 4 stroke bike with a linear power curve, getting results like he’s doing on an NS1-80 is impressive. He is going to bin it though … the fork seals and stanchions on an 80 aren’t up to carrying the weight of the bike. One of two things will happen – the fork seals will rupture and piss fluid all over the front wheel washing it out from under him, or the front will lowside. Either way, it’ll be a kodak moment!

  2. GTA? Never played it, I just had waay too much time on my hands when I was younger – Donncha’ll attest to that 🙂

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