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A few days ago I reported on 2 car accidents in which 5 people lost their lives. Justin provided a comparision between Ireland and the USA WRT car accidents. Here in Ireland, it makes the news when someone dies on the roads, and that makes people more aware of the dangers of road travel. There are the same number of deaths in the US but apparently they’re not as widely reported. Why is that? Justin says it better so have a look at his blog!
The last week has been a bad time in Ireland because of some exceptionally heinous crimes. I was going to provide some commentry around these links but I find myself unable to do so. [1] [2 ] [3] [4]

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  1. I spent the summer in the US and can definitely attest to the blasé attitude they have towards Road safety. The amount of drink driving was unbelievable, and every second person I met had been at driver’s school having got nabbed for something or other!

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