Today's Bike Run

I was in town this afternoon shopping and as I queued at the ATM in Paul St. I heard an almighty roar from Patrick St. As soon as I got my money I rushed down to be confronted with a large group of bikes making their way down the main thoroughfare of the city!

As a side-note, this is the first time I tried the “shoot and pan” trick with my camera. I set the exposure time to 1/30 second and as the bikes went past I panned the camera as I took the shot. Most of the time it didn’t work too well, but the picture of Santa above came out well IMO!

2 thoughts on “Today's Bike Run

  1. I confirm, your Santa came out very well. Good thing (another one!!) about digital is that shoot and pan is easy to experiment!

  2. a very good panning shot. its very important that even the tail is almost focused…good job. I just released that you are working on PHP in this site too. But i couldn’t find any links???

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