This evening on the river…

I went into town this evening to take some photos.

I noticed this boat a few days ago when I parked my car down the road.

As I was taking the previous shot several fire engines and an ambulance raced up the quays towards Patricks St. they stopped on Patrick’s Bridget so I went to investigate.

Two firemen searched the river with a high-power lamp. It could have been a false alarm as they didn’t find anything or anyone.

Lots of people gathered to watch.

When they didn’t find anything at Patricks Street, they searched near the bus station. Again, without finding anything. I hope I don’t hear bad news tomorrow morning.

There’s a fire engine on the bridge and ambulance on the quay above.

It’s strange. When you have a camera and a tripod, people think you know what’s going on! At least half a dozen people asked me what happened, but I didn’t know any more than anyone else!

Here’s a tip when taking photos at night in a lit area: If you want to set the exposure for more than a second, then set the EV compensation down as low as possible. You’ll be able to capture the motion in the picture, and it’ll also reduce the glare off street lights or other light sources. The same effect can be achieved with a dark filter of course!

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