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Owen Kelly just called from a POS show here in Cork. They suffered a power cut for a few minutes.
As the lights and machines came on again Owen spotted some weighing scales booting up. At closer inspection he noticed Linux boot messages and mentions of Red Hat scrolling up the small screen!
When booted, the scales have a touch screen interface and also display movies of food being cooked. I presume the interface allows the user to select the food being weighed, which dictates the movie shown.
Internet on your toaster anyone? Nah, that’s old news! Movies on your weighing scales is in now!

8 thoughts on “Linux & POS

  1. i’ve been searching for linux based pos terminals for several years now. specifically credit card terminals based on linux. any chance he saw one of those?

  2. They’re made by a company called Digi, – and I think they do POS systems too. Having said that, we do a series of POS Terminals which are running Windoze, it shouldn’t be hard to convert them to Linux, all the chipsets are around 3 years old – so they should have drivers at this point.

    The coolest thing about the Weighing Scales was that just before they launched into their own GUI, you could see the X pointer from Xwindows 🙂

  3. Kevin, we spoke some time ago. GNU Solutions make a POS Linux platform called Gazelle. It runs on IBM, Wincor, NCR, HP , Digipos and Fujitsu Hardware.

    We are currenly rolling out with PCMS to Budgens ( musgraves owned ) and Krispy Kreme in the UK.

    If you have a specific application in mind, drop me a line.


  4. NEC Infrontia BV a company based in Holland has a long history in electronic cash registers and POS terminals. For the keyboard entry market NEC Infrontia BV developed a new product the Twinpos Acton which runs embedded Linux (kernel 2.4.20). Software companies can run their own application on this terminal.

    Hardware specifications of the product can be found on the company website at

  5. Trintech make credit-card terminals which run on embedded Linux. Although it is relatively easy to set up the hardware to run on Linux (many manufacturers make drivers for Linux) i.e. the touch screen panel, it CAN be less straight forward for the scanner. Most EPOS (Linux) uses the standard EPSON codes for printer (ESC codes= Epson Standard Codes) but there can be difficulties with getting the fonts correct- sometimes graphics can display incorrectly. We hope to be able to supply a touch screen EPOS LINUX based system in late 2005- early 2006. Hope you find this blog of interest….

  6. We run a dos epos system on a suse linux OS it is currently running seventeen stores and a distribution warehouse arround Ireland.This has proved to be a great soloution cost and very stable. If you would like to know more you can contact me by mail



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