There will be a meeting to discuss this development in the Convent Hall on January 4th, 2017 at 8pm.

A planning permission notice was erected on December 14th in Monacnappa Estate looking for permission to knock an existing house and build 88 new houses, a creche and supporting infrastructure.

This causes a number of problems for existing residents of the area, including concerns with noise during building, possible subsidence of earth into properties backing on to the site, privacy issues, flooding risks, and if the site is built the influx of perhaps more than 200 extra cars exiting through Monacnappa will create a chaotic situation every morning and evening. Waterloo Road is already very busy in the morning. It’s easy to imagine the congestion resulting from those extra cars. Hover over this map to see it zoomed in.


The plan above shows that the new estate will stretch from Bracken Wood, along Monacnappa Estate, Telegraph Terrace and then up to the top of Castleowen. It’s hardly a stretch to imagine that the building work will expand further west and there will be a new entrance from the top of Castleowen especially as there’s a road going in that direction in the plan above. If they didn’t expect to expand the estate they wouldn’t have those two dead end roads at the left of the plan.

Some more images from the Council website:

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