XMOVIE – uncompressed movie player

My Panasonic FZ5 creates uncompressed quicktime movies. Unbelieveably Mplayer can’t play them! Thankfully Xmovie does! BTW – the Panasonic records at up to 30fps, and is great for recording snippits of concerts like I did last night! 🙂

Nikon on Linux

Nikon on Linux – useful guide to getting your Nikon D70 working with a Linux system, and the steps required to get them into a state the GIMP can edit. He has some useful scripts I might modify for use by my Canon 20D and Panasonic FZ5! Not sure about the auto-rotating. I like to …

Littler Birdy

16th photo taken with the FZ5 and the first of a bird in my garden. Quite happy with it considering it’s only been cropped and not resized!