Clean ball point pen off your LCD easily

Several months ago my son grabbed a ball point pen off my desk and with glee scribbled on my LCD monitor. I was of course upset and researched the best way to remove the offending marks. Various methods and potions were recommended but I didn’t do anything about it. I got used to the scribbles, although looking at a web page with a white background was always annoying.

Eventually I asked again and Alex recommended Isopropyl Alcohol. Today I remembered that advice and asked for “i s o alcohol” in a chemist. I received a funny look in reply but she figured out what it was. She brought over a box of “Alcotip Swabs”. 5c each so I bought 4, just in case.

Did it work? Did it what! The swabs dried out quickly and it took two to clean the ball point pen marks off the monitor but it worked exceptionally well! I hardly had to apply any pressure as the alcohol dissolved the pen marks with ease. Here’s a gallery showing the pen marks (not so well), and the swabs. These things work really well if you have ball point marks on your screen!

27 thoughts on “Clean ball point pen off your LCD easily

  1. For a little bit more, you can get a whole bottle of it. It’s colloquially known as “rubbing alcohol.” Good for all sorts of stuff, including disinfecting (hurts a lot).

  2. As a chemistry student I can recommend most alcohols for cleaning plastic stuff
    Strong stuff like acetone only damages your screen
    I havent seen people dissolving their screens (yet)

  3. suuure blame the little dude 😛
    I bet you were just having a blonde moment .. what you’re not telling everyone is you had to scrape the tip-ex off first 😛

    1. Tipex worked fine when people used white backgrounds for their web pages, but yeah, it was really hard to get off the screen. You wouldn’t believe the number of screens I’ve replaced because Tipex didn’t work properly!

  4. Thank you! My son scribbled ballpoint pen on my grandmother’s laptop today and i was cleaning it with one of those electronics wipes. It didn’t work so i did a search for a solution and this came up. It worked! What a lifesaver! Thanks.

  5. Works for sharpie/various permanent markers too 🙂

    The solution in the ink is actually isopropyl alcohol, giving them their distinctive smell… It evaporates quickly (which is why those things come in such nice sealed packages), but once you put more on the dried ink, it just goes right back into a solution you can mop up.

  6. Alcohol seemed too risky for me. My two and a half year old just did this to my lcd computer screen. I know alcohol gets sharpie out of couches and carpet… but I went first for the solution and cloth we use to clean our large flat screen tv. We got it with the TV. It is labeled Vizio screen cleaning kit. Worked like charm and I know it is safe. … and so is my daughter. Who is mad at me for putting her in time out while I figured out how to clean it. 🙂

  7. thank you so much, my 2 year old scribbled all over my mothers brand new big screen tv and she was going nuts! This worked very well and it all came off very easily.

  8. Thank you! My son just had a field day with a pen on our new t.v. I went to Walmart and picked up a box of 100 wipes for $1.00. It only took 8 wipes to clean our 32″. It’s like the magic eraser for t.v.’s.

  9. Many thanks to you!!! Our granddaughter did a job on our computer screen with a ballpoint pen and that worked perfect.

  10. 1 to 1 ratio of water and ethyl alcohol worked for me. Get a piece of cotton and moisten it, not too wet as it may drip when you start rubbing on the lcd. Rub in a circular motion.

  11. Thank you so much we had a giant TV and my little quison drew on it we tried winded blech vinegar and etc. But nothing worked until I looked online and found this


  13. My Grandaughter scribbled on my computer screen. Removed it really easily using a small amount of dog ear cleaner on a cotton wool ball.

  14. YUSSSSS!!!! My 10 year old step-son accidentally marked my $400 240hz Alienware gaming monitor during a recent April fools prank. (Covered the monitor with sticky notes and then wrote April Fools across the notes.) The alcohol wipe removed the mark and I am so happy to know this eyesore is no longer present! Hallelujah!

    1. you guys can do same thing with increased quantity of Hand Sanitizers…. Corona times… Easily available ….

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