Hi Donncha,

So, I’ve been quietly banging around trying to fix something, and I’m coming up empty. I’ll keep working on it, I’m throwing it out here mostly to see if anyone else has the same issue. Note that this problem existed with the .2x version and .31.

When a new post is written on a “sub” blog, it gets copied over to the “main” blog perfectly. It also brings its tags along perfectly. The categories, however, get turned into numerals, and occasionally (instead) the wrong category is attached.

Fortunately it’s a small installation with only a post or two per day (right now), so manually fixing these things is not a crisis. Still…

The installation is using 2.6.2, there were no plugins installed and no changes made to the code. Since then, I have added wpmufeed although I’m not doing much with it at the moment.

Any thoughts from y’all would be appreciated. In the meantime, back at it!

~ John