WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages 0.3.1

One of these days I’ll rename all my plugins and give them nice snappy titles.

Version 0.3.1 of the Sitewide Tags Pages plugin (for WordPress MU) has just been released. If you’ve been using this plugin you should probably update because this fixes a number of bugs including the problem with the Prologue Theme (and possibly Feedwordpress but I haven’t tested that.)
This release wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Thomas Schneider!

Main changes:

  • Pages are now filtered out because they don’t really fit neatly anywhere in the global posts page.
  • Prologue Theme problem with wp_insert_category() is fixed.
  • Set comment and ping status of global posts to closed.
  • Lots of translation work, including a German translation.
  • Lots of fixes related to when blogs change status, or posts are edited.

Grab it from the download page.

46 thoughts on “WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages 0.3.1

  1. I imagine I’ll tell the story some day, but it’s a long one. Short version – I just got done implementing a much more complicated solution to main blog aggregating this morning, and here you are updating your much more elegant plugin. Thank you, regardless, I so much prefer your method of going about this process.



  2. Donncha, you are the man! It seems to work with the Prologue themes I’ve tested. Thanks for getting on this so quickly.


  3. Awesome plugin, Donncha! I just wish I’d come across this earlier! The problem I have is that I already have several hundred posts across our 30 or so WPMU blogs. The plugin works great for new posts (it’s great that the permalinks point back to the source blog), but I can’t figure out how to grab all the existing posts to display in the tag cloud. Is there an easy way of doing this? Did I miss something?

    I tried exporting all posts from the source blogs and importing them into my main WPMU blog but then the permalinks just point to this blog. Perhaps the plugin would notice if I exported and reimported all posts back into each of the source blogs?

    Will your plugin pick up on existing posts if they are modified/republished or have their status changed in any way?

    The only other option I can think of is to travel back in time and install your plugin before anyone started posting, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet either. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do, though 😉

  4. Hello,
    This is a plugin I have been hoping to find for months! You are the man!

    I cannot get it to work though, I think I might have installed it wrong… Whenever I update the “options” page the Blogname always remains as “tags” I cannot change it. Also, I don’t know how it works, I mean, do I have to make edits to the theme? If you could post a step by step detailed instruction on how to work and set up this plugin I would really appreciate it, and I’m sure I would not be the only one.

    PS: using WPmu 1.6.1, using the default home theme or K2
    Thanks 🙂

  5. @Stuart – if you save an old blog post on an individual blog it will update at the uber-blog. You don’t have to change anything, just open the post and click “save.”

    I suspect export/import will work as well, since that would be a save event. May be faster, so long as everything goes right. 🙂

    ~ John

  6. Hi Donncha,

    So, I’ve been quietly banging around trying to fix something, and I’m coming up empty. I’ll keep working on it, I’m throwing it out here mostly to see if anyone else has the same issue. Note that this problem existed with the .2x version and .31.

    When a new post is written on a “sub” blog, it gets copied over to the “main” blog perfectly. It also brings its tags along perfectly. The categories, however, get turned into numerals, and occasionally (instead) the wrong category is attached.

    Fortunately it’s a small installation with only a post or two per day (right now), so manually fixing these things is not a crisis. Still…

    The installation is using 2.6.2, there were no plugins installed and no changes made to the code. Since then, I have added wpmufeed although I’m not doing much with it at the moment.

    Any thoughts from y’all would be appreciated. In the meantime, back at it!

    ~ John

    1. Was the numerals issue solved? I’m still having this issue. Was anyone able to find a solution to this? Thanks!

  7. Awesome plugin!

    Maybe Sitewide Tags isn’t the right name for it. It allows much more – Site Wide Feed, Sitewide Search, Sitewide Archives.

  8. Hello,

    I’ve noticed that with site-wide-tools installed, there’s a problem with Twitter Tools whereby two posts are made to Twitter, one from my blog, the other from the /tags/ blog (which does not have Twitter Tools activated). Not sure if this is something you can fix or Alex King can fix, but it’s a reproducible problem.

    Thanks for any help.


  9. On a setup I’m doing for a client, this has come in massively handy.

    As I’m no PHP coder, I could use a little help if I can impose.

    I want the titles shown on the aggregated list, I’d like to show the name of the blog the post has been harvested from as well, so, something like:

    An Amazing Post from Some Blog

    so that readers can differentiate the source of the posts. Id like to show it on only the front, aggregated page and not on individual blogs. For the time being, all blogs are using the same theme.

  10. Just found it doesn’t play nice with More_Privacy _options. 🙂

    If you changed the check from

    if ( get_blog_status($post_blog_id, “public”) == 0 )


    if ( get_blog_status($post_blog_id, “public”) != 1 )

    then it should do it.

  11. I prefer not to close comment status, but add these lines :

    function sitewide_tags_get_comments_num($count)
    global $blog_id,$wpdb,$post;

    $tags_blog_id = get_site_option(‘tags_blog_id’);
    if (!$tags_blog_id || $blog_id!=$tags_blog_id) return $count;
    $base = $wpdb->base_prefix;
    list($post_blog_id,$post_id) = explode(‘.’, $post->guid);
    $r = $wpdb->get_col(“SELECT comment_count FROM $base{$post_blog_id}_posts WHERE ID=$post_id”);
    if (is_array($r)) return $r[0];
    return $count;
    add_filter(‘get_comments_number’, ‘sitewide_tags_get_comments_num’);

    so, your plugin will also display the correct comment number from the original post.


  12. Hey Donncha,

    WP-Supercache does not clear or update on the blog defined as the Site Wide Tags blog. In my case, that’s the main blog. When a post is removed or edited it doesn’t update.

  13. Hello, I decided to switch from MuTags to this plugin, but when I activate it nothing happends. I get a Global Posts link on the top of the admin panel, but when I go to mysite.com/tags it returns a 404.

    Could it be because I am using the multi-db script? Does this script create a new global table that I am unaware of?


  14. Ok disregard that last comment, I managed to fix it.

    I got a new blog created and its filling up with tags. But now I’d like to add the tag cloud to my home page which uses the home theme.

    I’ve tried

    But it wont show up. How can I include the cloud from /tags/ into the home page?

  15. Hi! Thanks for the great plugin! It works really well!
    However, I would also support the request by Stephen to add a functionality to get also the originating blog name somehow.
    Maybe a solution could be to simply attach it to a meta field for each post (similarly to what is done now for the permalink) so that it can be retrieved and used in templates?
    What do you think?
    Thanks again!

  16. @MrBrian:

    Do you have MuTags installed? I found out that the template file from that plugin was causing the /tags/ blog not to show up since I had a page called tags in the main blog. Once I deleted it all was fine.

  17. I like the sitewide tags plugin!

    sitewide tags copies a blogentry to the main blog.

    When using a the plugins ‘gd star rating’ or ‘wp-postratings’ each blogitem have 2 rates:
    one on the mainblog and one on the individual blog.

    How can we resolve that?

  18. I’m using More_privacy_options to let blog owners have a bit more granularity in defining the privacy level of their blog, and 0.3.1 was “leaking” private posts. I made the change mentioned by Andrea, and that should solve it. Thanks!

  19. Donncha et al.

    I have a question, I am using this blog as a way to create a syndication hub for a university using tags, category feeds etc. The tags plugin finds only those posts open to Google in the privacy setting right now. I am using the More privacy settings option, and I was wondering if it might be able to also bring in posts no searchable by Google, which is the second option in the more privacy options. I would even like it to find posts only available to the UMW community given the tags blog is no Google searchable. Does anyone know how to do this?

  20. Hi, I ‘d like to know if it possible when you delete a post entry on a blog that the entry on the tag blog is deleted too. The same when a post is updated on a blog the post on the tag blog is updated too. For now when you delete a post, the post on the tegs blog is still there and when you update a post and save on a blog it creates a new entry on the tags blog. Any Ideas? Thanks.

  21. I have the version 0.3.1. I think it is the last one. But I am running WPMU 1.3.3. I know I should have updated it a long time ago but I use multi-DB with more than 4000 db so I was kind of scared to upgrade the whole thing. Anyway, is there a way that this function works with mu 1.3.3? Thank you.

  22. this is my result, but this does not work yet pefectly…

    // custom taxonomy ‘band’ exit in current and global blog
    $tax_band = wp_get_object_terms($post_id, ‘band’, array(‘fields’ => ‘names’));

    // after if( $global_post->ID != ” ) {
    wp_delete_object_term_relationships( $global_post->ID, ‘band’ );

    // after $p = wp_insert_post( $post );
    wp_set_object_terms($p, $tax_band, ‘band’, $append = false);

    it work not by publishing, but after editing.

  23. I’m noticing a strange bug where all categories are converted to numbers when imported to sitewide blog. Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?

    Thanks for the fantastic plugin!!!

  24. It has created a new subblog but it is not picking up the latest posts and so there are no tags to display. Do I need to change any access permissions on the database or ftp?

  25. Hi Donncha,
    first off, amazing plugin and keep up the good work.
    I have a little problem, as it doesn’t show my galleries in the main blog. Iam trying it for hours now, but no luck. It takes single pictures without a problem, but no gallery will show.
    any ideas?
    thanks a lot?

  26. Hello,

    I’ve read everything about this plug-in I ran into, but still can not make my uber-blog homepage be populated with posts from other blogs. Whenever I edit options, set my Blogname, it reverts to “tags” and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  27. First, thanks for the plugin.
    I had sometime wasted but I could make it work pretty nice.
    I have just one question for a new website.
    I need to let people publish their posts only to their own blogs and make it appear at the main blog as a draft (not published), so I will select what may appear or not at the main blog.

    How can I do it? I tried in many ways and failed until now.

    Thanks in advance,
    Luiz Guilherme

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