I'd rather be blogging

What is your most precious commodity? Mine is time. That’s why I’d rather be blogging than twittering.

  • 85 great photography sites suggested by the readers of DIY Photography, including my photoblog. Thanks for the link!
  • Mark celebrates the 25th birthday of the Commodore 64. Is it that old? Wow. commodore_64.jpg
    More: Wired Gallery, Interview with Jack Tramiel, Apple rejected by Commodore? (phew!)

    With no money to build thousands of Apple II machines, Wozniak and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs both approached Commodore with the Apple II. “Chuck Peddle from Commodore came to the garage and he was one of about three people we showed the Apple II prototype ever,” Wozniak said.

  • Mark welcomes MTOS. (sort of)

PS. almost forgot, Alan Whelan of Trocaire emailed to ask me to mention their ethical Global Gift campaign to help, “poor families around the world this Christmas.” While we’re on the topic of Christmas charity, by supporting Bothar you can help send cows to needy families. A bizarre item on the radio a few days ago involved a reporter accusing Bothar of keeping poor people poor. He reasoned that Bothar need poor people to operate. Weird stuff.

Subscribe to comments?

Pass the word around. If you use the very popular Subscribe to Comments plugin by Mark Jaquith, you should download version 2.1.1 download the development version instead. (thanks Baris!)

The previous version has a small but annoying bug. If you approve comments from several posts at one time, everyone subscribed to those posts will get notifications for all the approved comments! Mark applied my patch 3 weeks ago but people are slow to update.

In the last 3 days I’ve received extra notifications from 2 blogs. I emailed the first blog owner, but then Pat moderated some comments this morning and I decided this was the easiest way to get the word out!

Go on, update your plugin! Your blog visitors will thank you!