Donncha's Friday Links

I really have to resurrect that link posting plugin I wrote for WordPress. Meanwhile, if you’re groaning under the deluge of comment spam that Akismet catches, try this modified version which orders the spam comments by IP and url. Rename the file to akismet.php and drop into your plugins/akismet/ folder. It’s the same idea as the Akismet Worst Offenders I blogged last year but rewritten from scratch. Looks dog ugly but maybe someone will carry the work forward?
Later today I’m going to check in changes to the super cache plugin to create html files in the root folder of your blog. You have to explicitly name the path, so there’s no danger that your blog directory will be overrun with lots of new folders.

  • actually exists! (via Google Inside)
  • Adam compares ads vs reality and would eat the real fast food. Come to think of it, so do I, even after I read Fast Food Nation.
  • And via comments on the post above, Gaz hates the iPhone.
  • Gavin blogs a 2 hour documentary on the war in Iraq that appeared on BBC last month. I need to find a 2 hour gap in my life to watch it!
  • WordPress plugin authors, if you already know the ins and outs writing plugins, of using hooks and creating tables, then Custom Queries should be high on your learning list.
  • is now the second most visited blog site in the world, knocking Typepad into third place according to Nielsen Online.
  • You can worry about content length or you can go with the flow and write great content. Good points about scannable content WRT certain audiences however.
  • A trip to the creationist museam. Fun. Look at the Flickr set too. This is what really happened to the dinosaurs, who only died out 4,300 years ago.. via Damien.
  • Meet the GIMP has a few interesting posts and videos – panoramas, Support Creative Commons! (no, sorry, I won’t!), and selecting selections in the GIMP.
  • Webmaster Console – I logged in yesterday with my hotmail account and added a few of my sites. You should too, and add your sitemaps. Looks like haven’t penalized my sites, but I can probably count on one hand the number of hits I get from them!

PS. There’s a baby boom in Ireland! Congrats to Robert and Sylwia on the birth of their son, and also of course to my cousin Orla and her husband Henry on the birth of their son Conor! Adam will have another cousin to play with! 🙂