The Season 7 24 Trailer

Just how many bad days can Jack Bauer have?

Mark says “24 has ripped off all four Die Hard movies all at once.” with this trailer and it looks like he’s right. Every season gets bigger and bigger. I can’t wait ’til it starts! The Sky one page doesn’t have any start details, and Sky+ shows it’s not on next Sunday. Waiting, waiting, waiting ..

Donncha's Friday Links

Links are back, for now

  • Stumble Crumble displays your Stumbled links in your sidebar.
  • GRAMPS – open source geneology software for Linux and Windows and can be compiled on Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris too. Via an Irish blogger, can’t remember who, comment and I’ll update the post! Via James Galvin, thanks for commenting!
  • Thanks Photub for linking to the GIMP lomo plugin I released a few days ago.
  • Remember LOLcats? Now there’s Will someone write a PHP interpreter/compiler? Thanks Alex!
  • Holy Shmoly! is now Gravatar enabled, although I haven’t signed up myself yet. Must see to that this morning. Enabling it on WordPress is really easy. Yes of course, Automattic own Gravatar now.
  • The blogroll update (homepage) plugin opened my eyes. I didn’t know how the “last updated” field in WordPress links was updated, but there’s a file called update-links.php which can be called from Cron to interrogate Pingomatic. Unfortunately is down and seems crap so I’m going to patch the blogroll update plugin to use Simple Pie to grab my blogroll’s feeds once a day.
  • Why do I have all my best ideas when away from the computer? I need a waterproof pad for the shower…

Update – Ryan says WordPress 2.3.1 will be out soon. Expect the new WordPress MU shortly after. There are enough security and bug fixes in .1 to make waiting worthwhile.
Update 2 – is back up and running thanks to Barry. Must get that plugin working over the weekend and finish adding sites to my blogroll.
Update3 – still seems to be causing problems. It returns “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.” when update-links.php queries it, even though the query is a POST request. WordPress 2.3.1 went live a few hours ago! Time to upgrade, there are important bug fixes in there!