How to make free international calls

Fellow Corkman, Pat Phelan has launched the Irish version of his All Free Calls service. It’s now possible for Irish people to make international calls at the price of a local or national call.

I’ve covered getting cheap calls in Ireland and abroad before but All Free Calls is a price that’ll be hard to beat. If your telephone provider offers a free calls package you’ll be able to make international calls for free! Eircom, UTV Internet and others offer free local calls so this should shake up the international calls market quite a bit.

Anytime free minutes bundles or packages are available from several Irish providers including Eircom, BT, Perlico etc. When you use the number shown on the website the international part of your call is then free.

Disclaimer: I’ve met Pat twice, I’m subscribed to his blog but other than that I’m impartial!

Update: It’s not all free, 1890 and 0818 numbers are excluded from free call packages unfortunately. Pat clarifies the situation today. Still, local call is better than the silly amounts the incumbant charges for international calls.

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  1. There’s another way to make very cheap international calls from your landline.

    My favourite is a little operator named call13434. They’ve two services. The first is a CPS dial-around service, using the prefix, you guessed it: 13434. Register with them use this prefix and you’ll get far cheaper international calls. Usually cheaper than 1890 numbers, although there’s a 5c connection fee per call. The other service is a freephone number for people not with Eircom. Their web site has all the details:

  2. I have been using both telestunt & tele2 or vartec as telestunt is cheap for day calls and tele2 for evening & weekend calls.but now I have stated using skype since last 3mths..which is comparitavely very cheap and costs only euro 0,160 for ireland -mobile and euro 0,017 for ireland -dublin…and the cost remains same for everyday of the week -morning or evening..( website .com )

  3. please can you tell me any local access numbers such as 0208 number so i can ring from my o2 pay monthly phone and make that free call to bangladesh


  4. can u pls tell me how to make free call to o2 mobiles in uk from o2 ireland mobile and free international calls from o2 ireland mobile to international calls

  5. Hi!

    I am doing a dissertation on the Cheap International Calling Market in Ireland for the Eastern European (Poland, Lithuania etc). Can anyone help? Is Telestunt the best? Is it cheaper calling from a mobile or landline? I have millions of info on stuff like skype and VOIP Stunt etc but not on traditional way of calling (mobile/landline). Please help!

  6. I am in UAE and i wanted to make free international calls to India. Can some one please let me know the solution for the same. I would appreciate if any one can help me out with this issue.

    Thanks and regards,
    Mohammed Ilyas

  7. can u send me some access such as 02 which i can call to bangladesh from my o2 phome

  8. I am in Qatar and i wanted to make free international calls to Bangladesh. Can some one please let me know the solution for the same. I would appreciate if any one can help me out with this issue.

    Thanks and regards

  9. anyone .. can help me …. i stay at indonesia.. i want to make free international call to india …. plz .. let me know what is solution this case …
    i would thankfull to everyone who help me find way out .. thx

    1. Hi i am alam from bangladesh in satkhira district. please way for make a free call any mobile phone.

  10. anyone .. can help me …. i stay at PAKISTAN.. i want to make free international call to U A E …. plz .. let me know what is solution this case …

  11. Anyone can help me. I stay at PAKISTAN. I want to make free international call to UAE. plz .. let me know what is solution this case …
    i would thankfull to everyone who help me find way out. thx……..

  12. can anyone tell me how i can get free calls to mauritius from ireland using mobile like o2 vodafone 3

  13. sir i am in UAE Duabi
    i want to call karachi pakistan
    totally free of cost
    as i can call on skype in london n USA
    can i make call like skype to my parents
    from Dubai
    i will be greatfull

    1. Khan – not sure about UK to Ireland, but if you have friends in Ireland, they can ring you for free in the evening/weekends if they’re customers of UTV Talk.

  14. Bills are sky-high when you call abroad traditionally, with your mobile or landline. I’m searching for cheaper solutions, hoping I won’t need to sell my kidney for a call home…

  15. With regards UTV internet and call service, As has rightly been said all 1890 and 0818 numbers will be charged but you can put a block on them ! But Instead if you Go to the website click on “Search to find an alternative number” you will get your standard telephone number! and get your free call!

    1. hey sapna i know how it feels to connect to love one in india and pakistan yaar i would say try magic jack.. you can also buy it on ebay for like 5pound its a small device that connect to usb and phone and you can call anywhere for good one year.. im trying to connect to abu dhabi but there law doe not pass skype and magic jack.. but its works for all other countries 🙂

  16. I stay in India. i want to make cheap calls to Fujairah, UAE. Please help me regarding this. Also I want to know regarding cheap calling from UAE to India.
    Waiting for your response.


  17. hey i guess my problem is the biggest problem here. as i have to call UAE ten times a day to abu dhabi very expensive even from lyca have to top up min 10- 20 pound please can anyone help me out here. is there anything kinda software that i can download and talk for free.!! like magicjack people use for pakistan india bagla canada usa for years, my problem abu dhabi doen’t even allow people to have skype forget magic jack. i’ve used magic jack and its great if i can be help to anyone out there looking to call for free to india and blessed beautiful land pakistan or bangladash china usa almost anywhere for free get MAGIC JACK it will give you one number where they can call you and you can call them local and easy i was useing magic jack while traveling. its good for min one year…

  18. can anyone tell me please to how 2 make free or call at local rates 2 u.a.e(dubai,sharjah,abudhabi.etc.) from india. Any one tell me please i m very thankful 2 u who give me this solution.

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