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Choosing a memory foam mattress

Yawn. The mundane things in life are top of my agenda today. We’re looking for a new mattress and considering how much time is spent asleep in bed it’s criminal not to buy the best you can afford.

From research it appears that memory foam mattresses are the best to go for. I would certainly hope a new mattress would help my sore back! Tempura mattresses have been recommended to us but they’re hard to buy in Cork. Casey’s Furniture have them but they’ve always been over priced in their city center location. Another brand I have come across is Visco and it appears to do the same job. According to one salesperson they’re firmer than Tempura mattresses but I need to ring around a few more places before we make up our minds.

If you have one of these mattresses I’d love to hear about how comfortable they are. Try searching for any information on either brand and you’ll only find are online-stores trying to flog you one!

This page is better than most however. Here’s what they say about Visco-elastic mattress, which I presume applies to Tempura too.

  • Body heat reacts with the foam to soften it.
  • The mattress then moulds and re-moulds to your body’s contours.
  • Provides excellent support and enables natural movement during sleep.
  • Helps to maintain correct posture and align spine horizontally when lying on your side.
  • Hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties.

Off to town shortly and out with the credit card..

January 3rd 2007 – we went into town this afternoon and tried a few places before buying a bed in Swan Beds. It’s a memory foam mattress. A bit pricey but less than Casey’s were looking for. Hopefully it’ll be delivered next Wednesday!

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We bought a Tempur mattress about three months ago and it’s wonderful; expensive but well worth the money. We got ours from and I would recommend them: nearly a grand cheaper than any we saw in Ireland at the time, even with the delivery charge, and they delivered to our door within a couple of weeks. We also got the traditional-shaped pillows which don’t kill your neck like the other ones.

Be wary of the viscoelastic foam mattresses. They have great marketing, to be sure.

I was given one by a crazy relative about a year ago, and I found it to be awful. Where before I had slept soundly on my nice, firm, conventional mattress, I woke up with backaches every morning with the VEF mattress.

Far worse, I found myself waking multiple times during the night with severe asthma attacks. I usually have mild asthma, which might wake me up perhaps a few times a year; I carry an inhaler out of habit, but rarely use it. But *every* night that I slept on this mattress, I woke struggling to breathe in the middle of the night, with some of the worst attacks I’ve ever had.

At least in my case, the claims the mattress manufacturers make for comfort and hypoallergenicity turned out to be outright falsehoods. I hope you won’t have a similar experience; it’s a lot of money to drop on something that (for me) is worse than useless.

OK – Thx Brian – I am having the same experience! Almost exactly… the sales pitch on these things is that they are “”hypo-allergenic”” — which is proabably true if you are sensitive to goose down, but not so much if you react to chemical off gassing…..

I can’t say what the issue for sure, but I do know that ever since this bed arrived, I wake 3 times as much at night…. and soo full of aches in the morning I can barely move for the first few hours…

Maybe these things work for some, but I am having troubles from injuries that have been quiet for years and are now becoming recurrent issues.

For some reason, it feels like my body doesn’t want to move when I’m on this bed– and I wake up stuck and have to force myself to roll into a new position. I am so completely hating it!

We looked around today. Casey’s have Tempur mattresses for just under €2,000 but we found visco mattresses in Ideal Living for €799. After reading up about it we’re having a rethink. Next week we go shopping again!

Tumpur rocks. that guys -ve comment was strange, if allergens are a problem – i.e. dustmites then i’d say get one of those mattress covers. we bought a tempur about 2 years ago and STIL L comment on how amazing it is. bought it from, they delivered, and i think they had some kind of price promise ‘we’ll beat anyone’ thing.
actually i think theres another brand thats made in ireland- K-med… we decided against it in the end because its not 100% visco, has a top layer instead. and since you spend 1/3 of your life in the thing i reckoned it was worth it.
good luck .

My brother-in-law Chris just rang about something completely different and it turns out they bought a Tempur mattress 6 years ago and have had no problems with it in all that time!

Can anyone give me some advice about a Tempur mattress. My mother is 88 and has arthritis. She is thinking of buying one of these mattresses to see if it will help relieve some of her morning aches and pains. My concern is if she sits on the bed to get ready, she ‘sink’ into it far more than she would on a conventional mattress and then have a problem standing up. Can anyone with a tempur mattresses tell me if this would be a problem for an elderely lady with arthritic joints. Do these mattresses give much more than a normal one if you sat on the edge?

I bought a Tempura Posturpedic pillow for my mum (who had arthritis) but it was too firm for her (takes time for the body heat to soften to the exact contours needed), she preferred the cheaper, softer version of same. So, I’d say it’d be the same with the mattress – too firm at first for the older bones. Get a really good soft, cushioned one that supports the body and feels good right when your mum gets into it!

I think that memory foam is ok for a lot of people. I do however believe that Talalay latex is the way to go. The reasons are many. I will tell you that memory foam has been a great breakthrough in the mattress industry it has aloud a whole new level of comfort to people that just can’t get comfortable on a regular spring mattress. How does it compare to latex foam. First of all Talalay latex foams are not a petroleum product there for better for the environment. It also last longer then memory foam. It is resilient and will not stay imprinted where you lay on the foam. One of the biggest complaints about memory foam is that it gets too hot. Latex foam breathes and tends to stay cooler then memory foam. If you do decide to buy memory foam or Talalay latex foam don’t just buy the cheapest you can find. Many companies make there foam cheap overseas and of low quality. I would not buy it from any company that doesn’t stand behind their product with a money back guarantee of at least 30 days. I recommend going to local mattress store that specializes in non-spring beds but be careful of stores that don’t specialize in this type of bed if you want to by online make sure that they will give you time to try the beds and that their quality is high made in USA is always a good sign when it comes to mattresses. Sites like http://www.sleep

have been persevering with this mattress for about three months and have finally decided to give up. The heat is the least of the problems, although as a usually chilly person slepping in a cold bedroom, I would have thought heat wouldn’t be an issue at all. I wake up kind of hot on the inside with sore itchy ears, eyes and nose, difficulty breathing, having had a really restless night. We spent a fortune on our mattress but I am now abandoning it. My husband has no problem with it at all, but has seen me suffer and is also abandoning it!

Hi Jane,

It sounds like you are suffering an allergic reaction to something in the mattress. This is a common problem with so many people as your mattress contains on average 2,000,000 dust mites who leave behind them 8 packets of excrement a day. The resulting allergens become airborne and we all inhale them as we sleep. This affects people in different ways and in the most severe cases can cause asthma attacks and eczema outbreaks among sufferers. Milder symptoms are hayfever, runny noses, sore watery eyes, difficulity breathing and prolonged sneezing. Dust mites are present in all mattresses, even new ones straight from the showroom. Us humans are their main food source so after about 3-6 months your new mattress will be as contaminated as your old one.
I represent an Irish company specialising in hygienic mattress cleaning. We treat the mattress, removing 99.999% of dust mites and their waste and neutralise all allergens in the process. We use an organic, non-toxic cleaning system which is carried out in your home and the bed can be used within 20 mins of the treatment. The results are instant as we are taking away the cause of the allergy. The mattress will remain sterile for up to six months and we will provide you with a hygiene spray to prolong the process.
The enviromental benifit is enourmous as every year thousands of old mattresses are filling land fill sites in Ireland. On completion of the treatment your mattress will be as good as new and will actually feel better as we remove a lot of the additional weight that is comprised of dust mites, their excrement and dead human skin etc.
We are official corporate sponsors of The Asthma Society of Ireland and make direct financial contributions to them for their ongoing research.
For further information please check out our site, or LoCall 1890 252 438. Alternatively call me directly on 087-9841667. We have operators nationwide and will carry out a free test in your home before you book to show you exactly what is in your mattress.

Niall English
The Mattress Doctor Company.

I bought a memory foam mattress a few months ago – my back is worse than ever! The mattress itself has a layer of memory foam on the top and I wake every night with a painful back!

My partner and I bought a tempur martress about 2 months ago, with the hope that the investment would pay off in comfort. I have found it to be okay…no better or worse than a normal mattress, but my partner has woken up with back pain far too often for it to be good. We have given it time, to see if the mattress just needs getting used to…but it’s now time to give up.

I just hope that we can recoup some of the money…

hi folks
i’m afraid that most of you are getting alittle confused. Visco Elastic is NOT a brand but the type of material used in most “memory foam” mattres’s…Tempur is the brand leader of this type of mattress…also more expensive than the other brands. They are available in 3 different irish shops…Arnotts in Dublin,..Casey in Cork and McDermott’a in Castlebar. Kaymed is an irish made version..a little cheaper than Tempur but the materials density is not as good. Sealy Mirrorform is a resonable priced alternative. Some very cheap copies are out there..but be very careful as they never have as much of the main material “visco elastic” and even then the material is definitly not as dense.
some of the contributers to this site are talking about dust-mite and so on,..however it is not possible for dust-mite to live within a Tempur mattress…and the covers are washable unlike traditional mattress’s.
If your unsure why not buy a Tempur pillow and give it a go!!!

I am really confused. I need to buy a mattress and can`t make up my mind. Tempur seems to have alot of positive points, but some important negative ones too, such as overheating. I tried the Kaymed in Caseys in Cork and that seemed to be pretty good too. And what about Sealy Mirrorfoam? Pity you can`t take them home for trial! Can anyone advise?

Brendan, you don`t want to sell yours by any chance do you?!

Interesting read – so many views. We bought an Irish-made Respa visco foam bed about 5 months ago. (, for ref) It took a good few weeks to get used to it. Couldn’t quite trust the way it held the body. This may sound strange, but it isn’t. You slowly sink into the surface a couple of inches, and the mattress fills in around the shape and impression of your body. It IS weird. But then, after a few weeks I’d say we were very happy -a nd amazed too at the firm support. Both my partner and I agree it seems to be good for the back.

However, having read a number of comments here about breathing problems, asthma and rashes, I wonder if the mattress has something to do with the long-running sinus I’ve been working with. I’d like to hear more from folks who have had any kind of “hay fever” and sinus symptoms. Of course, the balancer to my situation is the end of winter and fact that loads of folks got long-running colds this year.

So, Donncha – how’s you experience now?

very best


Andrew, and everyone else – I haven’t slept as well as I do these days since I bought the new bed. It’s a mixture of memory foam and ordinary springs I think but it’s *very* comfortable. The fact that it’s 6ft wide helps too I’m sure!

I still have some aches and pains but that’s from me being generally unfit than anything else, and certainly not from the mattress. It’s worth paying more for the memory foam stuff.

Swan Beds in Cork are excellent, just never mind the fast talking salesman who I took an instant dislike to. Their beds are great!

Hi All,

I thought I would update you all in terms of the allergies that can result from poor mattress hygiene. On 21st March last The Mattress Doctor became official sponsors of both The Asthma Society of Ireland and The Irish Eczema Society. We now contribute directly to both of these hard working charities for there on-going research and development. House Dust-Mite (HDM) allergy is a trigger for both asthma and eczema sufferers. On completion of our service there is an instant noticeable improvement for the sufferer as we are removing the source of the allergy from the mattress.

“When the people at The Mattress Doctor contacted me about their product, I was immediately very interested. As there are 4 of us in my house with varying degrees of dust mite allergies, asthma and eczema, anything that is going to help is welcome. I am always on the look out for products that are genuine and not gimmicks. The Mattress Doctor came along to give a demonstration and I can say that I was impressed. We use a very good vacuum cleaner and regularly spray with an anti-dust mite product and use anti-allergy bedding. But symptoms persisted. However, one treatment by the Mattress Doctor and we all slept better that night and still do. The bed was definitely fresher and the usual morning nasal congestion was much eased. What I like about the product is that it is Natural, chemical free and you can see the results immediately as the filter fills up with the dust-mite detritus. I am delighted that the Mattress Doctor is now in Ireland as many people are going to benefit”.
-Jeannette Brazel Co-founder and Chairperson; The Irish Eczema Society-

Dust-mites are found throughout the average home but are most prevalent in soft furnishings. Of these the MATTRESS is the most neglected in terms of regular cleaning. There are on average 2 million dust mites to be found in a typical mattress. They feed on human waste such as, dead decaying skin, dried body salts from perspiration, urine and semen, hair, blood and other bodily waste that we excrete in minute quantities while sleeping. The resulting dust mite excrement is highly toxic and is the carrier of the HDM allergy. Dust mite excrement becomes airborne as you toss and turn in your bed and literally gets everywhere. You inhale it through your nose and mouth, it gets into your eyes and obviously onto your skin. This is why the usual morning symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, runny nose and itching occur. For asthma and eczema sufferers, it is particularly dangerous as it can trigger an attack of these severe allergies.

Our sponsorship of The Asthma Society involves a donation of €5 to them for every mattress we clean. With The Irish Eczema Society we are sponsoring their annual information publication “Eczact” which is due out later this month.

For further information check out or Lo-Call 1890-252-438.
Or contact me directly on 087-9841667

Niall English
The Mattress Doctor Company.

Hi Niall, yes a microscopic look at a bed or couch presents a frightening image (as on your website), as would a microscopic look at one’s face or body. We do be hosts to other life forms! And have been for centuries, of course. Still, you give pause for thought indeed!

A minor point about frontpage of your site – so use the term “hyposensitive” – hypo is Greek for under/below, and hyper is over/above, so you probably meean to say “if you’re hypersensitive…” As it is now, it’s saying the opposite.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for pointing out that typo. You are absolutely correct, we have being using the wrong form of the intended word.

It is true that we have been living with many microscopic organisms since time began, however we generally take steps to eliminate most of them. Most people shower every day, sanitise the kitchen top after use, clean the fridge out regularly, wash their clothes, clean the bathroom and toilet etc. However people generally neglect their mattress, which we all snuggle up on for 8 hours a day. As you said we have lived with this for centuries but most people are unaware that there is a real need to have your mattress cleaned. There are so many allergies that can be avoided and eliminated purely by implementing basic mattress hygiene. There is a real benefit in actual quality of sleep even for people without severe allergies.

As you will be aware, my company is a commercial operation, however we actively promote mattress hygiene because of the genuine benefits to our customers. There are no gimmicks involved, we use a unique system based on a scientific method of eliminating house dust-mite allergy. I would welcome all who read this to avail of our free test via the website to see exactly what your mattress contains and the level of contamination.
Yours Sincerely,

Niall English,
The Mattress Doctor Company

I bought a 2 inch memory foam mattress topper from Overstock and at first the entire combination of box spring, mattress and memory foam mattress topper was simply too soft. But then I replaced the box spring with a platform bed, so I now have a platform bed, mattress, and 2 inch topper. It’s working out very well.
Overstock has a fine selection of memory foam mattress toppers as well as actual mattresses at very competitive prices.

HI, I just purchased a Serta, Daykin II mattress set with memory foam on top. Have slept on it for 4 nights now and feel bad. I wake up really hot and the past two nights I have woken up with a bad back as my butt dips lower than the rest of my body, putting pressure on my lower back. This is the reason why I wake in the night. This is due to the foam adjusting to my body. I am getting a different mattress. Do not like this mattress. Would not recommend it.

I actually bought my memory foam mattress roughly a year ago and prior to buying it, I was the victim of hand me down mattresses.

Honestly, it was probably the best thing I ever did for the health of my back and my ability to sleep at night. I require less sleep because the quality of sleep i get is substantially better. I spend less time tossing and turning and once I am asleep I tend not to wake up all night.

The only thing that I found a little annoying is during the hotter days in summer, sometimes I find myself waking up rather sweaty due to the fact the memory foam matress I chose didn’t have any cool max layer.

I bought a memory foam mattress about three months ago and about two months ago I started waking up in the morning with a small rash on my neck. It usually went away after a few hours so I never did anything about it. Then a month ago it started to get worse. The rash spread to my chest and stomach and one day I woke up with totally swollen eyes. I went to the doctor and got on steroids and anti-histamines while I tried to figure out the source of my rash. I washed all of the bedding with fragrance/dye-free detergent. I slept on the couch with all of the regular bedding and had no reaction so I am now certain it is the memory foam mattress that is causing this rash. The only way I can control it is to sleep on the couch or take 2 benadryl before I go to bed.

I’m just writing this to make people aware and to ask if anyone else has had a similar experience? Has anyone had any luck in returning the mattress to the manufacturer? Has anyone kept the mattress and had the symptoms go away after a period of time?

Thanks!! This has been a stressful couple of months as I think the mattress may be affecting my overall health as well.


I had the same problem. I thought I had scabies or dust mites. The Dr said I had not but put me through the treatments. The only thing that helped was a quarter cup of bleach in a hot bath, I finally put a hypo. Matress pad on the mattress a few days ago. I seem to be better…

I’m selling a 9 month old king size Tempur mattress. Didn’t suit my needs I’m afraid, but on the other hand my partner didn’t mind it at all.

It’s in absolutely perfect condition. There’s an ad on if anyone is interested. Sorry if I am abusing the blog with this message.

As to whether I’d recommend the mattress or not, it totally depends on the individual. It will suit some people and not others.


Your experience is EXACTLY mine! I’ve been blaming my thyroid problem all these years and it’s probably my memory foam mattress pad. I got it 3.5 years ago and that’s about when my eyelids started to swell, flake and itch. Eventually, the rash spread to my neck and into my hairline – nothing on my body, though. I’ve tried everything, including a new pillow, new linens, new detergents, new make-up. Nothing has helped. I can go for weeks without an outbreak but then I can have an outbreak every day for a month. It’s very distressing because it’s on my face and neck – not hidden by clothing. Thank you for giving me hope that this IS caused by something I can control after all. I’m taking the mattress pad off tonight. Wish me luck!


Interesting comments re the mattresses. However you should now look at the mattresses which I promote, namely Nikken mattresses,indeed a whole sleep system which has exclusive endorsement from the World Federation of Chiropractic and which carries a 15 year guarantee.Excellent for allergy and asthma sufferers as well as helping with various challenges by relieving body stress during the night. The duvets emit negative ions and this helps breathing also.

am currently looking for a new mattress as have a spring digging into by back on mine. but i have asthma and tend to get allergic reactions to stuff. i like a firm mattress and was wondering it this memory foam stuff would be right for me. i’m a full time postgrad student so really need a good night’s sleep

Memory foam beds are getting very popular. Actually lots of companies have started producing affordable, quality memory foam products. The bad thing about this is that this means that there is a lot of not-so-good merchandise out there sort of mixed in with the quality stuff. Just remember that not all memory foam is the same quality although it may be the same density. A quality memory foam mattress should have an indention warranty of no greater than 3/4 inch within ten years, and be covered for Full replacement if this should occur.

Hey, as I understand it, latex and visco elastic are both foams that work in a similar way as or in “memory foam”, and also you sometimes have to replace the bed as well as the mattress because it can be that the bed isn’t giving adequate support either.
I was having a bit of back and shoulder pain which I attributed to sleeping on my side and also being hunched over a computer in work all day. I replaced my bed and mattress with a Slumberland memory foam and it’s definitely improved. I haven’t had any problems with over heating or the problems you’ve been talking about with dust mites – wonder if this is because they can live inside the bed itself and then travel into a new mattress? I got my bed from Clery’s ( in Dublin. They have a good selection of brands in their online store and as far as I know they deliver nationwide. Here’s the bed I got:

Hi, I am looking to buy a memory foam mattress made from latex in Ireland. I suffer from lower back pain and am highly sensitive to petrochemicals and chemicals in general… Are the latex mattresses treated with chemical fire retardants ?
Any info on experience with latex mattresses is highly appreciated.

Just an observation from someone who actually has a waterbed – am currently looking at replacing with similar mattress or a tempur-style.

Anyway – for the people who are suffering allergies or allergy type symptoms, is there latex in the mattress? Latex is something alot of people are allergic to but don’t often come into contact with – hence hospitals using non-latex gloves now.

Just an observation.

i purchased a memory foam mattress 3 months ago. i have suffered sore swollen eyes almost every day since our bed arrived. it took me a while to work out what was causing it until i was talking to my sister as she has had the same reaction and realised it started when the bed arrived.

we changed our waterbed for a tempur bed, very very expensive. I am unable to sleep well on it and have to put something softer on my half of the bed e,g, a folded sleeping back at the moment. I bought an expensive goose down topper last september, and it has taken me till recently to connect that with the outcrop of spots on my upper back. we got rid of the topper, we vacuum the mattress, the sleeping bag and sheet, but it was not until I started on antihistamines and used steroid ointment that the spots began to subside. Is there a way of cleaning out the remains of whatever the goose feathers have left embedded in the mattress, and how can i keep it ongoingly clean? and does anyone else find the tempur bed so uncomfortable, and if so, what do you put on the mattress to aid comfort? any suggestions very welcome – we cannot afford to buy a new mattress and base – this thing cost nearly £3000. I do have M.E. so do have difficulty in getting comfortable, but i regret not buying a new waterbed mattress – that was much better for me, but we were beginning to have trouble getting a good night’s sleep with it as it seemed TOO soft, even when we altered the amount of water it contained. any ideas most welcome. thanks.

I have allergies to foam. I don’t like latex either. I noticed that foam earplugs cause me problems too.

Does anybody know of a manufacturer that only uses springs and cotton to make mattresses?


Thanks squareeyes, your comment on foam earplugs has made my mind up, i read the entire list of comments, and was concerned about the heat of the foam on memory mattresses, also the mention of allergies( as i have athsma exima and hayfever) I wear foam earplugs now and then, as they work well…but my god do they itch! and my ears feel on fire! so i think you have suggested an excellent way for potential memory mattress purhasers to see how their skin reacts to the stuff.try out foam earplugs..for an hour or so. you will know!! Thank you so much i nearly spent a fortune. now i have to decide what options are left.x

I have had a Tempur mattress for over a year and it still makes my back ache every day. I’m 5’4 and weigh about 9 and half stones. Perhaps if you’re bigger and warmer it’s good. The problem is that you do need body heat so if you are related a lizard like me it’s like sleeping on a rock – I’m going to change it for a pocket spring as soon as I can afford it.

With Tempurpedic or other memory foam mattresses out there, people either love them or they hate them. I would say if you are going to buy one, make sure you go with someone who gives you some type of comfort trial. The trials are anywhere between 30-120 days depending on the retailer. In regards to the foam being too hot, I would say, make sure whatever mattress you choose has an airflow system and has an open cell structure. Some of these mattresses use egg crate or convoluted foam for their airflow. The problem is when the manufacturer is glueing the egg crate foam to the other padding layers, the glue tends to stick to not just the peaks of the foam but also the valleys (which closes off the airflow).

Regardless of your choice, sleeping is very important for the human body to rest and repair itself. Eight hours of solid sleep per night is ideal. Many are not getting this and both of these brands are very reputable and support the body all the way down, not just the hip and shoulder.

I’m considering purchasing a Respa bed – the ad says it has 1024 pocket springs in HDF foam. Does anyone have any idea what HDF foam is? The shop says it’s memory foam. Do you think this bed would be hot to sleep on?


HDF foam means High Density Foam. The theory is that the denser the foam the more support it provides. Anything above 5 lb/cubic foot is considered the best memory foam. Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam is somewhere around 5.2 lb/cubic foot. However, there are some very good mattresses around the 4.2 lb/cubic foot range.

Memory foam mattresses do absorb and retain body heat and for some people it is a problem. There is something called a Cool-Max mattress cover that helps to alleviate this problem.

The only way to find out which mattress is for you is to sleep test one.

Good Luck

hey im lokking for a bit of advice i am thinking of purcaheasing a memory foam mattress any suggestions ????? xx

Well – tempur based their stuff on space age tech but that was some 10+ years ago.

Things have progresed so I wouldnt be surprised if the visco stuff out performs the market leading brand.

Just pick what suites your sleeping prefernces 🙂 also I have to ask, wtf is someone putting springs in a memory foam bedeven if it is 1024? the point is – your losing memory foam in place of springs! so what you paying for ??? :O

come on dont get suckered in with the springs – get a proper memory foam bed! not a halfway one!

the springs give a better support level than the foam under the memory foam.a complete memory foam does not work.the complete foam mattress will have at least two types of high density foam beneath the memory foam on which you will be lying on

A memory foam mattress can be so important and it makes you sleep better. Everybody should try and feel the difference.

Few months ago I purchased a foam mattress and it dramatically improved my sleep. It took me about a week to choose a mattress and the time was very well spent.

I’ve been sleeping on memory foam mattresses for several years now and I can’t imagine anything more comfortable. You need to educate yourself on memory foam before you set out to buy a mattress because you’ll get taken to the cleaners if you don’t know some basics about how to judge quality memory foam.

I bought a memory foam bed recently. It’s made by a very well known, award winning manufacturer. I was expecting the best night’s sleep ever HOWEVER when people say that memory foam beds are not for everyone, I now believe them.

The sleep experience I’ve endured (I’m fortunately able to return the mattress) was the worst one I’ve ever had, including probably crashing at a mate’s house on a blow up bed or camping in a tent! I feel as if I’m constantly fighting with the memory mattress, wanting to turn, but the bed won’t allow it without a struggle. I also wake during the night and feel as if I’m cooking! Feeling hot isn’t the expression I’d use, but truly feel as if I’m very slowly being cooked! Whilst undoubtedly a lot of people feel very comfortable on a memory foam mattress, many do not. Try before you buy because if you don’t get on with the mattress, it won’t be a question of saying, “it’s not a comfortable sleep but I’ll get used to it” but that you’ll end up getting rid of it. In my case it was that bad.

We bought a Tempur mattress for four hundred euro from a guy in Rathcoole, in Dublin, it was liquidation stock I believe.

Fabulous for us, so different in feel and support to an ordinary mattress but maybe not for everyone I guess.

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