Linkbaiter of the year 2006

Funnily enough, I bought an issue of Time magazine today in which someone is complaining about the white covers of recent issues and expressing the hope that the person of the year cover would have a little more impact.

Little did they know that Time would become linkbaiter of the year by naming everyone on the Internet as person of the year for 2006! More on Techmeme, Copyblogger and lots of others.

Time still has a white cover however!


5 thoughts on “Linkbaiter of the year 2006

  1. I have to wonder. The Youtube player design is all over the place where ever videos are blogged so it makes sense to use their player on the front cover, if they were going to use any video player. It’s not as if the Quicktime player made as much of a dent this year did it?

    Now, if only they had the WordPress logo there instead …

  2. Donncha, I would love to agree with you, but then again why are none of the other mentioned brands represented on the cover?
    If the choice was based on the popularity also Facebook and MySpace needed to be represented on the cover. And yes WP would have been nice too.

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