Charlie Harper Sucks

The Charlie Harper Sucks website really does exist! I watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night where Rose setup a Charlie Harper hate website so I had to see if it was really there. Unfortunately it redirects to a Warner Brothers site but at least they created a site with that devil picture of Charlie!

In real life, Charlie Sheen’s love life isn’t going too well. He and his wife Denise Richards are divorcing. Denise is 6 months pregnant with their second child.

Sheen thought that her hormones (due to the pregnancy) are raging, but the former gorgeous Bond girl felt very neglected. Maybe she felt that Charlie was slipping back to his old self…which she said she ”can’t even comprehend” (when asked about whether his past bothered her).



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it’s great to watch a sit-com and every actor is just as funny as the next. we watch two and 1/2 men every night. we laugh so hard . what a great show. i want to thank the writers. great job !

Great show. Writers are fantastic. Always come up with great lines, time after time. I have a new appreiation for writer. Charlie, you rock. Don’t let your bimbo ex keep you from YOUR children. And to the writers, good reflection of how family law courts work. Put a serious twist on it though so others will see what is really going on. 2 1/2 Men rocks

OMG i like love you Chuck Lorre. aka the writer of 2 1/2 Men. That is my favorite show in the whole world! So is Big Bang Theory. rules of Engagnment. How I met you mother.

I think it would mess with the concept of his own personal stalker, but I’d give Rose another shot!

i know im only 12 years old bhut i’ve had a lot of guys cheat on me or say its time to see other people but Charlie u r so self centered, inconsiderit, and most of all just plain mean .
but i still think u r xtremely HOT!!!!!!!

Rose is played by Melanie Lynsekey,and Charlie(Harper and Sheen) you’re a jerk. First Rose, and now Denise.What’s with you boy?

hi m y name is kyle and i like ur show and i was wondering if u will say my name on one of ur shows i am a big fan and i watch ur show every night and if ur manager says that u can say my name on ur show it will be really appreaciated

OMG I luv luv luv ur shoe! UR AWESOME! Kyle u r a freak though. If u want to be on television find an acting agencey! Then go to Hollywood for tryouts to be on a television show. I myself am doing that and
I hate people that try to be on television b/c they’re too ignorant to try to be on it themselves

hey i love ur show but i think that ur a real loving person and you are just doing all of this so that you can get ur money and io prity sure that u realy do not do that well do you ? well i will see you later and by the way i love ur show

Hello there charlie i started too see the show for 3 days ago and i think its awesome and tell me one thing why is alan such and ….
You know what i mean ^^
and i saw that girl she was so sexy
hehe catch you later.

When I saw that episode about 2 years ago it was the actual website not just a re-directed one. and it had all the FAQ. If you don’t believe me mail Warner Brothers.


I love the show i’ve watched it for a while now its cool.I think all the epesods are funny but i do like this one.But theres LOADS more i like

Lve from loz

I’m a regular watcher. I love 2 and a half men.
I’ve set my alarm clock to go off when 2 and a
1/2 men comes on each time a day

u idoits who can’t write sht,you are an ass its
a show you gotta watch twice 2 love der! And thanks edgarchicasissmarterthanall212 you are such an ass but still you suck!

4 some if u r an total ass it should take you watching it twice unless u aren’t massed up 1 time is all you need

2 and a half men is an show that i make much more enjoyable alone in my room with no disturbances. I hope to be as charming as charlie some day. HE RULES!!!!!!!!

Stay in yor room alone, Quenten. I’m sure you meet a lot of women in there. Don’t you get dizzy blowing them up?

i watch two and a half men alltime

i dwnoaded from net
all episode
cant wait for 6th season

and me n my 20yr sister got so horny tht
we fuck evrytime we see

she grabs my dick while im watchin and i finger her
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Imagin this. Charlie and Alan on a recovery road trip from Mexico. They were left there by their mother and her newest boyfriend, Raul. Call on his wit with the women to get across the border and make it home.

hi everyone i watched the show last night i thought it waz funny so i came to cheak the website out.WOW ITS any one on today HELLO???? HI charlie_harper_freak220 thats a good one pussy!!!!!

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