Charlie Harper Sucks

The Charlie Harper Sucks website really does exist! I watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night where Rose setup a Charlie Harper hate website so I had to see if it was really there. Unfortunately it redirects to a Warner Brothers site but at least they created a site with that devil picture of Charlie!

In real life, Charlie Sheen’s love life isn’t going too well. He and his wife Denise Richards are divorcing. Denise is 6 months pregnant with their second child.

Sheen thought that her hormones (due to the pregnancy) are raging, but the former gorgeous Bond girl felt very neglected. Maybe she felt that Charlie was slipping back to his old self…which she said she ”can’t even comprehend” (when asked about whether his past bothered her).

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How is Charlie Harper gay? Megan and Rachel are in love with him. Megan and I want to have sex with him right Megan. please please please please please am I right Megan?

charlie is soooooooooo awsome stop bagging him annonymous coz otherwise i will turn into the hulk and eat you.

get a fucking life get a job do some thing than wasteing ur time watching this u can watch it but not alllll the time…. FUCK

yes he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is crazy about SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi charlie my mom likes ur showes she watches them all the time she also laughes when you say something to your brother. and i myself i dont like ur brother he is so stupid. if he is listening he is being very noisey and i dont like noisey people. and i like ur showes too and i laugh too and i like people who make jokes.

leave Jon Cryer alone you stupid girl…all men SHOULD be like Alan in the show least he RESPECTS us women you know…get a life holy shit….

don’t know much about that show do you


hi charlie is it really you i was watching two and a half men today and it was awsumm so i thought i would check if it was true

No effence but why do u love him u dont no he could be a selfish uncaring person in real n he could treat u like sh!t Before u fall in love wif him maybe yoo should meet him in person this is mi thoughts also Charlie Harper anet real he is just a made up charter but charile sheen is so maybe yoo should be talking bout that one 1st

totally agree with you…people are so idiotic when it comes to fake and reality….stuff in movies and shows are fake and its all bunch of an act…so in an essence it’s just a bunch of useless time that people when they get bored they will sit in front of the TV and watch…its life :)… I rather meet the real Charlie Sheen if it ever came down to that point… but all good… you keep tellin’ em girl!

charlie is that you like off two and a half men?! if it is your the best and my favourite actor ever my favourite shows two and a half men very funny! im shaking im so exited i could be talking to my favourite actor! is it you?

Are you really the same as your character. Do you acted the same way. Do you always trick girls inot having sex and never talk back to them? Just asking because I love the show! I love you charlie!

i lve you so much and your so hot and i cant believe people set up a website about you and i also cant beleive your 40 you only look 27

i like your show to i love the one when you like tell rose to use the stairs
and i don’t no why yet

hey i am from india i we here dont get two and a half men . But one of my cousin bought me a dvd of season 1 n 2. n believe me i compleated it in three days . awsome……..
i love it!!!!!!1

In My Experience Charlie,Has Always Been A Generous lover Compasionaten fun loving and sensitive


u fall for all that u can fall for this

Yea , Charlie is a cool dude, for sure. I work in San Juan Capistrano and I see all kinds of guys with the shorts and bowling shirts on. I will ask ” Do you watch Two and a half men” Then it starts the best show, Charie is great, ect,ect,ect ! But we all agree that Allen is a pussy and needs his ass kicked !!

charlie harper is a god ,, he is most mens dream of what a man should ..or would like to be ,, charlie harper is charlie sheen and visa versa ,, i aint gay ,,no way ,, but come on people ,,he rules ,, end of ,,

brilliant programme, all great characters but now charlie sheen has gone it will never be any good at all. this was proved with the very first episode with the new fool.

i can’t beleave the web site is really there too. i think its cool, it even has the message when he phoned beth on it. i enjoy watching two and a half men, i hope they keep them coming. xx love vicki xx

Man this is cool!Graziano,, Charlie Harper is the name of the character Charlie Sheen plays in the TV Sitcom ‘Two And A Half Men’

Yea, i had to do the same thing too. How sad to hear that one of the most funniest guys i’ve ever known is really going through a divorce. Hope i can stop thinking about it while watching the program. :

@ Charlie_Harper_Freak745: ..745 is a little bit toooo much..don’t you think so..huh? 😛

that’s sooo cool…i watched the episode last night and thought about it, by surfing on google ^^

well…now i’ll watching episode #11 🙂

..two and a half man baby!!!!!!!!!!

ok what kind of cute baby cute or hot cute and if it’s hot cute then i’m gonna have to say eww ewww and ewwww hhhhhh

Bahahahaha he is fuckign hilarious haha he makes me and my boyfriend laugh our ASSES off hahahaha =P

wot a fantabulous show…I JUST LUUUUV CHARLIE…MWAH…and the rest of the crew just make the show wot it is

Acho esse programa engraçado, goste de assistir,
eu e meu filho Ricardo, nós somos brasileiros
e assistimos esse programa aqui no Brasil.

I couldn’t believe it existed! I checked it too.

Did the “2 and a half men” cast/crew create thatsite? or did they find some1 else had created it already?

lol, pretty amazing how so many people actually thought bout looking up the site rite after watching the episode. Charlie Sheen is the number one Geezer! Jc

Charlie Sheen es bueno es ese papel, felicidades
(saquen a ese estupido niño gordo, el quita gracia al programa).

Charlie harper is a gret lover and a cand person,I joking I love 2 and a half man it is the best show in the world.Byebye

love the show,uncannily similar to my own life apart from the fact that work full time,drink less,live in the suburbs,enjoy a moderate sex life and of course live alone.keep up the good work!


I was just wathching it with my mum and I thought I would check if the website existed and it did so I just sneaked on it and I have saved it to my favourites Charlie Harper is so funny. I think two and a half men is a hillarious comady show and adults do too. Youy see I am only a child who is 8. and I still think it is funnyo so two and a half men is funny to every one even children. I can not believe the website really exists. Keep uf the funny stuff and the good work like aussie Charlie said. Seeya I will leave another message

Fuzz XXX PS Fuzz is not my real name it is my nick name in school I am going in to year 4 and our class is getting the new teacher in our school

OMG IT REALLY EXISTS!!!! whoa awesome!!! (lll)
Charlie is so funny my parents and i watch it every night and that episode is on now… well just finished it is sooo funny.
Its an awesome show all my friends watch (14 and 15 year olds) 🙂 its soooooo coooool


hi i also sneaked on omg i am a 10 year old mom would kill if she found out. dads getting up! bye!

two and a half men is a really great show it a shame that it only ears once or twice a week

I’m glad u like 2 and a half man.U can download the series from torrents and I recommand u the program: uTorrent. U can search with it for any movie u like and u can download it wit a good speed.Hope u like it, peace

It’s only a part of the movie script.The site was used in the movie and warner bros kept it just for entartainment.The original server was moved!!

WOW!!!!The website is really there.It’s totally awesome….I LOVE TWO AND A HALF MEN SHOW.IT’S REALLY COOL.I wonder if they also have the website of GEEKY ALBERT HARPER.????…

what seazon are u watching in us? here (romania) were just the first 3 of them…but i downloaded it from internet…so i manae to see seazon 4 and some eopisodes of seazon 5…i love it…sez.4 was not so great..but te 5th is very funny:)

i saw the episode like an hour ago and thought it was very funny so i thought i would check and see if it was real and it is. charlie harper is my idol.

wut up 2 the juggalos that come here.

My wife and I absolutely LOVE Two and a Half Men (or as my 5 year old son calls it – 2 & 1/2 Funny Guys). Superb writing and acting on the show. We also enjoy The Big Bang Theory from the same producer. Both shows are “must see TV” in our household. 🙂

of couse the websit is real i figured that out 3years ago. you guys are such idiots.

//the shows are really funny +quite entertaning:):(


It comes on here at 7 and 10pm weekdays and I watch both, plus Monday’s. Charlie’s good, but I watch it for Rose. One night with her Charlie? You need your head examined! She can stalk me anytime she wants!!

Hey Charlie I find your show hillarious 90% of the time. THe other 10% it blows. Overall we here in Canada love it!

I was shocked too. We had seen that episode before but this time just for the heck of it googled Charlie and what do you know there it was. I agree the message board should not go to Warner Bros. it would be really cool if these where there!

This show is so damn funny. They have great writers. I love all the actors, each one is perfect for their part. This is the only show that really makes me laugh anymore. It’s genuine.

Charlie You are fantastic. My son and I was watching tv the other night and he happened to type this site just to see if existed and was he shocked but so was I. All of you keeps laughing so hard just about wet our pants. lol! Also you have always been one of my favorite actors. Geez I remember watdhing the move The Wraith back in the 80’s. Good movie! Keep up the good work! We Love You and everyone else on the show also.

Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer are the funniest pair since Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis!

And Angus T. Jones playing Jake is the coolest wise-ass kid since Danny Bonaduce in The Partridge Family.

To me, Two & a Half Men is the funniest comedy since Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies.

I admit I just started watching this series a few months ago, but finally caught up with the older episodes.

I cannot wait for the new shows since the writers strike ended, which begin next Monday, March 17th!

Keep up the great work!

Paul Herman – a wannabe Charlie Harper, who acts like Alan.

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