What’s my name?

Gather around, let’s all say it together.. it’s Donncha, not Donna, never have been a Donna, never will be. It’s weird how people reply to my mails or comment on something privately, saying, “Hi Donna” when there’s no mention of such a person on this site or any other I run, well, apart from this post of course.

How do you pronounce Donncha? If you’re an English speaker, it sounds like “dunaka”, not dunka, or donsha or bert or ernie. Err. Not sure how that will sound in other languages but there ya go. Best I can do for the time being.

For future reference, here’s a pic of me with Podz and Andy taken in San Francisco a few weeks back. I’m in front holding the camera with the insanely wide lens. If you see me on the street with my 20D just say hi. I won’t bite (much).

Automattic at the Bridge

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

5 replies on “What’s my name?”

Ryan pronounced your name on the drive to the Bungalow, so I got some advance warning. Before that I’d always thought it would be “DUN-ka.” Almost like “thank you” in German.

Next task: teach Matt (and likely everyone else) how to pronounce my last name! That one may be a lost cause.

Love the wide angle lens. I’m likely going to be getting a Canon Digital Rebel XT, when I can afford it, and a nice wide angle lens will probably be my 2nd lens purchase.

another good reason for the upkeep of the irish language, we have to teach the world our native tongue for the benefit of all named donnacha, cathal, tadgh, diarmaid, padraig and labhras. Irish is the answer.

My brother Cathal had a terrible time in America with people pronouncing his name. Most people called him “Carl”. On his highschool football jacket it was “Cottil”… In his yearbook it was “Castle”. I even spent 15 minutes teaching people how to pronounce to no avail.

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