Us in Us!

Myself, Ryan and Peter all made it into Ray D’Arcy’s photography book, US! I bought the book today in Waterstones after my brother texted me to tell me it was on sale. Some of the images are amazing!
I got several shots into the book and I’m delighted!



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  1. Wow, congrats!! I kinda got myself involved in a feast of rugby today, and didn’t get off the sofa to step outside the door for a walk, let alone head out to buy the book! Hope to get my hands on it tomorrow though, looking forward to seeing all your work!

  2. i think you had 9 photos all told in the book Donncha – we looked thru it on saturday. Well done!

    Makes me wish I’d sent in shots, rather than taking a load, remembering 2 weeks later, and sending in some good-ish ones the day after the deadline. I think 4 out of the 5 i sent would have been at best good enough only for the grid of 10×10, but i liked one of ’em… 🙂

  3. the land of blarney. my question is, why is the grass so green there. My friend just got back from uk sunday, couldn’t believe how green the grass was. I just said, maybe it needs more chlorophyll cause there is less sun? or maybe the dirt is better than in us. who knows 🙂

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