That Hunkey Dorey Advert?

Ray D’Arcy and co are talking about the Hunkey Dorey advert that displays 3 ladies and asks, “Who would you throw out of bed for eating Hunkey Dorey crisps in bed?”
Has anyone seen it around Cork? For purely research purposes of course, I’d like to see the advert that would keep a line of drivers amused while the traffic lights changed to green and back to red while they stared at it!

make IT secure

If you use Windows you have to contend with viruses and trojans all over the Internet. Linux and Mac owners are a little luckier being that Linux is getting more secure by default, and both are niche operating systems.
makeITsecure is an Irish Government website set up to encourage Irish Internet users to protect their PCs. It’s a laudable effort, but sorely lacking as it doesn’t link to any of the free anti-virus or anti-adware products available! What about Ad-Aware, AVG Anti Virus or the very accessible Trend Mico Housecall that will scan your PC without installing anything?

Oh yes, is sponsored by Microsoft and Symantec among others. At least the Microsoft AntiSpyware package is free. Let’s hope you have a genuine install of Windows eh?

Tone it down, gurus

India Knight on gurus and the fascination the public has with them. Why do we think they know everything and what they say is correct?

She cites Jo Frost, AKA Super Nanny as an example but I just saw one of her programmes, and it was scary how a two year old called Charlie controlled his family! Obviously the cameras are going to only show the Nanny in a good light but the advice she gave the family seemed sensible and had an improvement.