Martial Arts Demonstration in Midleton

A few weeks ago we went down to Midleton for their Food and Drink Fair. The place was packed with people and I got lots of shots. Here are a few of the martial arts demo we passed near the end of the day:
I wish my camera recorded milliseconds. All shots below were taken at 15:49:45.. The Canon 20D rocks!

Slow Food Festival, Cork

The Slow Food Festival arrives in Cork this weekend!
It starts tonight but I already have prior arrangements otherwise I’d be along to Tom Barry’s!
Tomorrow, more than 60 artisan food producers will have stalls on Patrick’s Street! Yumm! Can’t wait!
(Thanks Emer for the heads up!)

Converting RAW files to Jpeg, Nautilus Style

Further to my previous attempts to convert RAW files to Jpeg, here’s a Nautilus script based on this script. How do you use it? The g-scripts FAQ has more, although in Ubuntu I had to copy the script into ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
This script uses “Zenity” to display a nice progress bar while the conversion takes place.


(while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
dcraw -c -a -n -h $1 | ppmtojpeg > `basename $1 cr2`jpg
echo $1
done) | zenity --progress --pulsate --text "Converting RAW files to Jpeg"