The SadOldTosser's Guide to Photography

Matt presents a guide to photography that everyone should read. It explains in gentle lessons how to get the most from your camera and improve your photography! Brilliant!

Some, such as Donncha … would appreciate some advice to help make their pictures just that little bit more professional and less amateurish at the same time.

FlickrUploadr – Linux uploader

FlickrUploadr is a Flickr upload tool written in Python and Gtk.
It runs on Linux and probably any platform that are supported by Python and Gtk which is most of the popular ones!
I haven’t tried it yet but have to admit I don’t mind the email uploader. Attach a load of photos and click Send. Simple.
(Thanks Donal!)

23 Photo Sharing

23 is a new photo sharing site like It doesn’t have the fancy Flash interface that flickr Organize has but the free account allows you to upload 1024MB 15MB (The help page is out of date!) per month, and you can have as many albums as you want!
I uploaded a few photos already and it works well!