Jacob: Downtown New Orleans

Jacob is downtown in New Orleans.
God, it must be terrible there when this becomes the norm:

We notified an emergency team and they said they knew. The body was no secret, obviously it wasn’t a high priority when only one body was needing removal.

Cork City, Night

Everyone else was watching the game but we went down to Garretstown this evening instead. On the way back we were delighted to see a beautiful sunset!

Cork City Sunset

Cork Street Vendor

Today, Cork play Galway in the All Ireland Hurling Final. Thousands have gone to Dublin to see the game!
Update! Cork Won! Woo! More details about the game at the link above! The Cork team will arrive in the city tomorrow. Should be huge crowds and hopefully I’ll be there to capture a flavour of it!
A street vendor tries to sell Cork flags and memorabilia to passing shoppers on Patricks Street.