Borders Chicago: Kirstie Alley

Way back in May Kirstie Alley appeared at Borders to sign her new book. Apparently the week before Sylvestor Stallone was in signing his book and the place was thick with people. Local media were there and Jacinta and I may have appeared on TV. Hey, I kept shooting with my 300mm zoom while the camera man had his camera trained on us so you never know!

You can’t go any further

Ubuntu: back on the scene

I installed Ubuntu ages ago but never got around to configuring it:

  • Firefox didn’t like my .mozilla or .firefox directories. It complained that my default profile was already in use.
  • Thunderbird didn’t work either but I can’t remember why. Could have been the same reason.
  • Mplayer had to be installed from source. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing a compiler and associated development libraries.

This morning I rebooted my Debian desktop, only to discover that it wouldn’t boot again. It complained about needing an old version of modutils. Arrggghhh! Wasn’t this the perfect time to try Ubuntu again?
I rebooted, and managed to massage Firefox and Thunderbird enough that they worked.
Mplayer was still a problem but after looking around a bit here’s the easy way to install Mplayer:
Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb hoary multiverse

Do an “apt-get update” and “apt-cache search mplayer” to find the right Mplayer for your CPU.

Make middle mouse button load URL in Firefox

Why can’t this be a default? Middle mouse clicking a url to open a url in the copy buffer is one of those “must-have” features of Mozilla that I always miss when I use IE. Why isn’t it turned on by default?
These instructions tell you how to enable it.
Set middlemouse.contentLoadURL to true in about:config.

Photography Links

The Irish Holocaust

The Irish Famine of 1847-48 resulted in a population decrease of millions. Before the Famine, there were some 10m people living here, afterwards only 6m.
The Irish Holocaust site has more.

Of the 100,000 who fled to Canada in 1847, only 60,000 were still alive one month after landing. Among the 40,000 dead was Henry Ford’s father’s mother who died en route from Cork or in quarantine on Quebec’s Grosse Ile.